One of the main projects among ESN is SocialErasmus. Our goal is to help Erasmus students integrate better with local community of our city. To do so we organize many different volunteering activities which involve not only students, also children and teenagers. SocialErasmus Project is made to spread the idea of selflessness among young people. Our projects are mostly concentrated on cultural and educational activities but we also pay attention to local environment. The most popular events of SocialErasmus are:

Erasmus in Schools We take our Erasmus students to different level schools to talk about their experience during exchange but also their culture, language and home countries in general. Each lesson with Erasmus in Schools program has different main subject.

Erasmus Forest Since taking care of environment is one of our pillars, we organize, for our students, one day trips during which they can plant their own trees.

Erasmus Hall This project was made to improve the conditions of social institutions which take care of children. We renovate waiting rooms, corridors, play rooms etc. in hospitals, orphanages, kindergartens and any other places where the children in need spend their time.

Erasmus Date Auction No ordinary event created to collect money for charity organizations, and so, for people who need help the most. The idea is to buy or sell your free time and in that way also meet new interesting people and do something good at once. The Auction attracts not only Erasmus Students or ESN members but also regular students from our city and local media.

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Alicja Tomes
Social Inclusion