A new academic year has just started! There are a few months of studying, adventures, and, what we believe in, of great fun ahead of us! Along with the academic year, the ESN Weekly News starts too!
New academic year begins any moment now! This year, we will be informing you about all of our actions in our ESN Weekly News – a review about events from the life of ESN that we post every week.
On 3 June 2016 General Meeting of Members of ESN UAM Poznań section elected a new Board and a new Board of Audit.
Your favourite ESN doesn’t sleep, ESN is all set! A new week means new challenges – and so we decided to take on the next ones! We’re launching a weekly ESN News chronicle.
We were looking for the best option to say goodbye to winter in an epic way and there it is – a trip to Wrocław! What can be better than a visit to one of the biggest cities in Poland, nice people around and program full of surprises?