Hello! Today, I would like to take you away from Poznań, beyond the Greater Poland Voivodeship boarders. If you don't know Warmian-Masurian region, I am about to prove to you that it is worth visiting. The journey from Poznań to the capital of the region, Olsztyn, seems long however, the route is truly picturesque. Whether you go by car or by train, I would thoroughly recommend the route along beautiful views of arable lands and old cities, such as Toruń, which can be a great stop during the journey. 

We leave behind Toruń and Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. I come from a small village 10 kilometers from Masuria boarder, which makes me a real Warmian inhabitant. I survived the lockdown only thanks to the nature around me – the beautiful, hilly, post-glacial lands. It might be difficult for someone who is not used to riding a bike to reach the hill tops, but it surely brings a lot of satisfaction. Speaking of physical activities, I would highly recommend water sports. The name "The Land of a thousand lakes" is not a coincidence. The largest of them, Śniadrwy, is located in the center of the Masuria. You can take a ferry and just enjoy the moment. 


Lake Śniardwy


The most famous cities of the region, which have considerable places of accommodation, tasty food and something called "la vida nocturna," are really worth your attention. Mikołajki, Giżycko, Węgorzewo to name a few. During a normal, pre-pandemic, summer many music festivals are being held here. I am certain that you've heard about reggae and disco-polo concerts in Ostróda. Moreover, a huge amphitheater near the Drwęcko lake successfully attracts many artists and fans. And in the meantime, I recommend doing some sightseeing. A route of gothic castles goes across the voivodeship. I'll only enumerate a few of them to make you more curious: Lidzbark, Kętrzyn, Olsztyn, Ostróda... etc. If you're not into the “shadows” of the Middle Ages then I invite you to St. Mary sanctuary located in Święta Lipka village. It is a masterpiece of baroque architecture. And those who are into XXth century history should set off to Wolf's Lair (Wilczy Szaniec) - Hitler's headquarters. 


The Lidzbark Castle


The whole article looks like a guidebook, therefore we can't skip the information about the cuisine. Although you won't find many local dishes here, I suggest ordering warmińskie dumplings called "dzyndzałki". They're made of pork belly and beef, and they go perfectly with onion and herbs. What is more, I recommend ordering a fish accompanied by a beer from a local brewery. 


Although nowadays it is difficult to find any users of warmian dialect, the diversity of my region is visible to the naked eye. We appreciate the gifts of nature. It's a perfect destination if you need a change of environment, and it's not expensive either. I hope that I advertised my region and encouraged all those who hesitated to come here. Seize the moment and see you in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.