Another edition  of sports games  ESNOLYMPICS was launched on April 2nd.  The main  goal of the competiotion remains unchanged for ages  and  relates to  promoting sport, physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Eramus+ Students  from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, just as in previous years, took part in  preliminaries that are supposed to appoint  the best teams that are able to rival with representants from other universities, towns or even countries. At the beginning, volleyball and basketball  fans could show their skills,  competing in  Adam Mickiewicz  Univeristy's  infighting. It took place at sports hall  of University of Life Sciences in Poznań. The next day, futsal teams began their wrestles, this time at sports hall on Młyńska street.  The reward of the up to now competitions was advance to the intercollegiate finals. Four best teams from each University (Adam Mickiewicz University, University of Technology, University of Life Sciences and University of Economics), consisting of eleven players (with at least two girls), are going to take part in the qualifications  that will take place on April  9th  and  10th . The representans of Poznań will be then appointed and next, they will set off to Łódź to compete with other Polish  towns' squads.