Monady, 9th May 2016.
Registration for the fifth edition of the international student football tournament, EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP, has just started. The finals scheduled for June 9th will be attended by 10 teams from different countries. Those of you willing to participate, please sign up through the form available at:

Thursday, 12th May 2016.
Once again we went to Powstańców Wielkopolskich School Complex no 3 in Poznań within the framework of the Erasmus in Schools Project. This time, however, the occasion was unique. One of our students, Emiliano from Mexico, will soon leave Poland. Pupils became very close to him and they couldn’t imagine him leaving our country without saying goodbye to all of them. This time having fun together was a chance to bid farewell to Emiliano.

Friday, 13th May 2016.
The Erasmus in School Project paid a visit to a new school - this time we went to a Private Bilingual English-Polish primary school on Piwna Street. We played a game with children during which pupils and Erasmus students were divided into groups. The pupils had a task of asking Erasmus students questions, of course in English. The winner was a group that gathered the largest amount of information about the Erasmus students and their homelands. We’re looking forward to visiting that school again!

Last week was marked by the Erasmus in Schools Project. Why do we so often invite Erasmus students to schools and are foreigners happy to participate in this type of meetings? Paulina Kardas, ESN UAM Poznań Coordinator of the SocialErasmus Project, responds without hesitation:
I'm positively surprised because Erasmus students are very happy to participate in such activities, at least 6 people always come for each meeting. I think what encourages them is the joy that they can see in the eyes of the pupils. Children can really give us a lot of positive energy.

And how do schools react to the Erasmus in Schools Project? Do children really like meetings with foreigners? 
This project provides schools with a unique experience. More than once I heard from teachers that our visits spurred the most stubborn students to learn the language. I think that such meetings open children's eyes to the world, show that there is something outside of Poland and the closest surroundings, and precisely the language is a gateway to discover the world. The Erasmus students are welcomed very positively by children and I think that they serve as some kind of role models for them. Thanks to them, children notice the diversity and they’re getting familiar with different nationalities and cultures from all over the world.