Thursday-Sunday, 27th-30th October

Vice-President of ESN UAM Poznań, Izabela Grembowska, and Public Relation Manager, Martyna Najmanowicz, participated in Central European Platform meeting which took place in the Peach City in Hungary. In the meeting took part delegates from seven countries in Central Platform ESN International (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine).

During the meeting participants were involved in numerous trainings which were aimed at knowledge and experiences sharing between sections.

Saturday, 29th October

In that day, the first sport event in this academic year-basketball, was organised. Despite a few injuries, everybody was involved in the game. The intensive play and a pleasant friendly atmosphere during the matches, resulted in questions about next editions of this activity.

Next sports events will take place soon, and now registration for ESN Football League has already started. To sign up, just fill in a form, which is available under the following link:

Monday, 31st October

 All Saint's Day is a time of mourning. This is a time when we remember those loved ones who have passed away. To show our Erasmus friends what is for us Poles, on All Saint's and All Souls Day we brought them to the cementery. Around 60 Erasmus students decided to participate.

Thursday, 3rd November

In the evening we organised a meeting for all of the trainees that decided to join ESN UAM Poznań during the winter recruitment period. During the meeting we gave all the necessary information and our president, Kaja Janiszewska, presented the structure and institutions of ESN International and ESN Poland. She explained what ESN is and how it works in general and she also answered questions from our trainees.


SocialErasmus Autumn Week, the most special week of the year full of voluntary events is coming. This year it falls on 7th – 13th of November.


Social Erasmus Week takes place twice a year: in spring and autumn. As part of this week, every ESN sections organize lots of amazing events that aim at promoting a social attitude among young people taking part in student exchange. Project is based on volunteering whose purpose is to integrate international students with the local societies.


ESN UAM Poznań prepared three events for the SEW Autumn 2016: two trips to the kindergarten and one outing to the animal shelter. The nursery where our international students with the section members are going will be visited on Tuesday (November the 8th) and Thursday (10th of November). The main purpose is to tell the kids about their countries, cultures and traditions or encourage them to learn foreign languages through games and fun activities.

Whereas on the 9th of November the trip to the animal shelter is being organised during which we’re going to donate collected beforehand blankets, towels, animal food, treats and toys for dogs and cats. Two duties when everyone could bring something for the animals took place in our ESN office so far.  There’s one last duty to be held on Monday from 17:00 to 18:30. We invite everyone who’s interested to our ESN UAM Poznań office on Grunwaldzka 6 street, room number 102.


To get more information and also follow our efforts during the whole week in all the European cities, go to the SocialErasmus fanpage and look for the #SocialErasmus #LeaveYourMark & #SocialErasmusWeek hashtags on the social media or visit our international website