Saturday-Sunday, October 22nd-23rd. Vice-President of ESN UAM Poznań, Izabela Grembowska, took part in the ESN Poland Delegates Meeting, which was held in Wrocław. ESN members discussed the most important topics related to the organization, like the Strategy for 2017-2020 or changes to the Tasks of the 2016/2017 National Board.

Monday, October 24th. Once again this year, more experienced ESN UAM Poznań members gathered in the Jowita dormitory to discuss the recent activities and plans for the future events. It was the last meeting in which new students who decided to join ESN in autumn didn't participate.

Wednesday, October 26th. Our city has many symbols, and ESN UAM Poznań has them too! Our mascot Mr. Pyra has been with us for years. Now, sadly, he must retire because of health problems. But don't worry, the new mascot has been born! From now on, our events will be accompanied by Mr. Pyra Junior! He has already stolen our hearts, will he steal yours? Check out his photo below.

Thursday, October 27th. Halloween is an overrated tradition coming from America - said nobody who attended a Halloween Party organized by ESN Poznań United in the Colloquium Club. After 9 pm the club, which, actually, is located in a basement, was filled with ghosts, skeletons, vampires and other creatures straight from nightmares. Despite this, it was hard to find a place on the dancefloor. We also picked the first "Erasmus of the month" in this semester. Meet Samet Koca, who definitely had the best costume! Check out this short interview with him and the photos from the party below.


We are pleased to announce that the title of the „Erasmus of October” has been awarded to... Samet Koca, the student of the Healthcare Management at the Poznań University of Commerce and Services (Wyższa Szkoła Handlu i Usług w Poznaniu). He came to Poznań a month ago and he is going to stay here till the end of February. As he says, he is passionate about football. He comes from Turkey, lives in Kocaeli (not far from Istanbul) and studies at the Sakarya University. His costume of Death (the Grim Reaper) decisively won recognition of the jury, who unanimously decided to award him a prize – a special Halloween liqueur!

EWN: Each month, during our biggest events, we will be choosing an Erasmus of the month. In October you are the lucky winner. You won because of your fantastic Halloween costume. Is Halloween so popular in Turkey as here, or maybe even more?

SAMET: Not at all. It’s not an important thing for Turkish people. I mean we don’t throw Halloween parties in Turkey, just the richest people, who are living in the biggest cities have that kind of parties.

EWN: Erasmus is not only about studying. It's also an unforgettable adventure. Why did you decide to live this adventure here, in Poznań?

SAMET: To be honest, I had no idea about Poznan before. I knew only Lech Poznań and Robert Lewandowski. I chose Poznan because it's close to the other countries, cheap, a lot of international people study here and so on…

EWN: Probably it's too early to ask about your experience of staying in Poznań, but maybe you can tell something about the differences or similarities between studying in Turkey and in Poland that you noticed?

SAMET: Actually, my University in Poznań is very small, and we are just 8 people as Erasmus so I don’t know much. But I can tell you this, I feel more free in Poznań than in Turkey.

EWN: If you had to say, what do you like most in Poznań, what would you say?

SAMET: The best thing about Poland is very cheap alcohol! Also the Old Town and Park Cytadela is really good. And of course the girls…