What an educational week! From workshops with seniors, social awareness exercises to practical trainings – it was big!

Wednesday, November 29th. Social Inclusion Days are getting in gear! And one of the most unusual events of these two weeks - German Workshops at the University of Third Age - is already gone. This time we organised it with the help of two students of Poznan University of Economics - Wiebke and Christian. At the beginning of the meeting, our German representatives gave a short presentation about their hometown and university. After that, all the participants were highly engaged in a discussion about Poznań, its main attractions, as well as the everyday life. Once again we managed to overcome obstacles - this time it was the language barrier! The seniors are already looking forward to the next edition! Are you?

This is how Mrs. Genowefa Kuderska (Member of the Board for Language Sections) describes our visit:

It’s not just nice that you’re so willing to come to see us, it’s great! The event let us get to know one another despite the significant generation gap. You are like grandchildren to us… This connection is beautiful and highly needed. Our students were so satisfied with these meetings. It’s very uplifting that we can test our conversation skills and express our opinions. I think our youth is wonderful! I don’t know what could be the next occasion to meet… maybe a dance evening?

Thursday, November 30th. St Andrew Day’s Party seemed to be a perfect combination of both fun and old Polish customs. On that magical evening in Corner Pub the participants could take a chance to reveal the secrets of their future with popular fortune-telling rituals. Wax-pouring turned out to be the most interesting activity, as it involved interpreting the shape that showed on the water surface. As soon as everybody found out whether they should expect fortune, a torrid romance or a long journey, the dancefloor became full of Latino dance lovers and the music which kept us alive for long hours. Thank you for the time you spent with us and let’s take that evening for a sign of good luck!

Friday, December 1st. The goal of the Senses Evening was to introduce Erasmus students to challenges disabled people need to deal with every day. Games were focused mostly on using your potential without involving a particular part of the body or sense. And so, the first task was to walk under the bar with physical limitations imposed by the ESN-ers. Next, we moved on to the game which turned out to be the hit of the evening – the blindfolded participants were feeding each other with treats. What can we say – it did get a bit messy! After that we played an expanded version of Pictionary, where we not only used gestures, but also art skills and storytelling without eye contact. Another addition of the workshop was passing objects to each other and a small contest in throwing them using only feet! The event closed with a discussion about social exclusion of sick people and a summary of lessons learned from this full of fun and, most of all, educational event.

Saturday, December 2nd. Although weekends are usually the time of rest and relaxation, this Saturday was a very busy day for some members of ESN UAM Poznań. Thanks to the courtesy of Skills Club from the Warsaw School of Economics, they had a chance to take part in three fantastic workshops, which enabled them to develop their communication, marketing and project management skills. The workshops were mostly based on practical exercises, which made it possible for the participants to immediately use their newly acquired skills. Among other things, the participants had a chance to learn: how to successfully use social media to promote their brand, how to effectively communicate with other people (and especially how to give constructive criticism), and how to perfectly plan an event. There is no doubt that it was an incredibly productive day!