Thursday-Sunday, November 17th-20th. After three years Poznań was once again a host of the national ESN training congress. Due to the #GreatUpgrade to our city came over 100 section members from all around the country to collectivelly train, share experiences and obviously integrate! For the first time ESN UAM Poznań section was an unassisted organiser of the congress. Members of the orginising committee in the cooperetion with the rest of the section members and interns made sure that Upgrade’s participants are going to remember Poznań only as a positive experience. ESN-ers could choose from 4 training paths:

First one was aimed at those members that don’t work for ESN for longer than half a year. They got a chance to meet the Administration of the ESN Poland Association, get to know the organisation’s structure and listen to news and facts about ESN. “Newbies” learnt the basics of fundraising, parties’ organisation rules and the methods to deal with emergencies.

Second path was all about public relations. Participants got to know issues of brand and website’s developing, promotion, storytelling and self-presentation. Beside the theory part we found some time for practising – public speech attempts.

Third path covered fundraising – it is broadly defined getting partners and sponsors for events organised by us. Participants learnt how to encourage companies and institutions to support our actions and how to benefit from this cooperation.

Fourth path refered to leadership. People that chose this one had the opportunity to get to know the management and team communication rules. They were also introduced to a good leader’s features and ways of motivation.

#GreatUpgrade isn’t just about training. It’s also mutual motivation and building a one big ESN family based on common goals. Nothing strenghtens ties better than integration. That’s why beside the trainings for our guests we also prepared, among other things: city game, karaoke, parties in Czekolada and 9 Stóp clubs, Tramparty.

Monday, November 21st. We all know how popular the Pub Crawl is, and this is the reason why ESN UAM Poznań organized another edition, this time choosing Harry Potter as the theme. The Magic Pub Crawl was full of magical competitions, quizzes and games. Many new members of our section were involved. Afterparty took place, as always on mondays, in Cuba Libre club, at „The Masquerade” party.

Tuesday, November 22nd. Two ESN UAM Poznań members together with two Erasmus students from France and Colombia visited school Zespół Szkół Elektrycznych No. 1 at 163 Dąbrowskiego street. The visit was party of the Erasmus in School project. Foreign students prepared presentations and during two classes shared knowledge about famous persons, dances, music and cuisine from their homelands.

In the evening there was a St. Andrew's Day Party at the Colloquium Club. Participant had the chance to find out about their future, or even a forthcoming spouse thanks to traditional magical practices. The most important was the vax pouring, which allowed everyone to know if wealth, fame and happines awaits for them. Those who are sceptical towards such magical practices could sing in karaoke competition.

Wednesday, November 23rd. Studies are the beginning of our climb onto the the peak of  careers. But you can also climb in Climbing Spot, where we went to with the group of over 20 Erasmus students. There was a vast choice of climbing walls on various difficulty levels, and Władysław Olchowski, new ESN UAM Poznań member was there to help us reach the top.

Thursday, November 24th. With the company of two Erasmus students, from Afghanistan and Bulgaria, we headed to Elementary School No. 75 at 3 Powstanców Wielkopolskich street. Like on Tuesday, Erasmus Students made presentations about their home countries, but this time they had only one class at their disposal. At the end of the classes, the children solved a short test to see how much informations they remembered from the presentations.

November 27th, 20:00, Colloquium PubPoker Night with ESN Poznań United

November 29th, 21:00, Shanti ClubErasmus Date Auction

November 30th, 19:00, Corner/Colloquium PubChange your image Party

December 1st, 20:45, BestimeZumba with ESN UAM Poznań

December 4th, 16:00, Młyńska Street – ESN Football League

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