Friday-Sunday, November 11th-13th. Members of all ESN sections from Poznan, gathered as ESN Poznan United, went to the annual autumnal integration and training trip to Ciążeń. For three days, at the stylish interiors of the palace of the bishop, we were taught how to prepare projects, self-presentation and how to lead the communication. These workshops and other activities in Ciążeń, including Hawaii Party, have been devoted to the integration. The event was attended by many new members - it was a perfect oppourtunity for them to learn the details of the actions of ESN and integrate with older members of the section. Photos below.

Wednesday, November 16th. Although foreign students have already integrated and formed their first friendships, there are never too many opportunities to meet new people and have fun! Erasmus students, who came to Colloquium Club on Wednesday to take part in the event from the series Speed Meeting, undoubtedly realised that! Participants had a few minutes to talk in pairs on the topics suggested by the organizers. The conservation was followed with an alteration of the mate. Erasmus students liked this formula so much, that they expressed their hope that the event will be cyclical.

Before Speed Meeting, section members met at a regular meeting in the dormitory Jowita to discuss current metters of ESN UAM Poznań. The coordinators of individual projects informed about what they are currently doing, and the President - Kaja Janiszewska - announced that the competition on the other coordinators, which could not emerge earlier, was the largest success in the last several years. They have received as many as 17 applications, mostly from people who had joined the section within the autumn recruitment. Below we present a complete list of our Superheroes or coordinators of ESN UAM projects in the academic year 2016/2017:

Cool'ture - Natalia Zielińska

Discover Europe - Patrycja Płachecka

ESNcard - Jonasz Pawlaczyk

ESN Weekly News - Mateusz Marciniak

Erasmus Ambassador - Angelika Kubiak

Event - Patryk Gura

ExchangeAbility - Dominik Kurzawski

Local Education Officer - Małgorzata Lasota

Mentor program - Anna Światnienko

Social Erasmus - Paulina Sikorska

Sport - Anna Majtyka

Travel - Władysław Olchowski


Thursday, November 17th. Poznań has become a Polish center of the Erasmus Student Network for four days. Section members from across the country arrived to the capital of Wielkopolska. UPGRADE, which is a nationwide workshops meeting for members of ESN, ends on Sunday, November 20th. Now we encourage you to read the next week's edition of ESN Weekly News, where you will find a wider description of the event!


20 listopada, godzina 20:00, BYŁO nie BYŁO bar - Travel and information meeting with former Erasmus students 

21 listopada, godzina 19:00, start: Plac WolnościMagic Pub Crawl

22 listopada, godzina 21:00, Corner/Colloquium PubSt. Andrew's Day with ESN UAM Poznań

23 listopada, godzina 19:00, Climbing Spot - Climbing Wall with ESN UAM Poznań

24 listopada, godzina 22:00, SQ KlubErasmus Night z ESN Poznań United

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