Our trademark Erasmus in School project became the first „regular” event of the semester after the end of the Orientation Week, and immediately set the bar high for the future. We’ve also caught up with our legendary Erasmus traveller, Ruben from Portugal, who tells you all about his amazing stories!

Friday, March 9th. Erasmus in School is back! Last Friday a group of students representing Turkey, Romania and China have gone to meet the pupils of Primary School no. 75. This time around we were able to participate in two different lessons, where children were listening to stories and exploring our students’ home countries with great interest. It was our first EiS event this semester – and we will be back very soon!

It was a cold day in the middle of winter, so we decided to meet over a cup of tea. We crossed the entrance of a cosy café, took our seats and ordered aromatic hot drinks. ,,Now we can begin”, I thought. I was about to interview Ruben Ferreira – a traveler, photographer, Erasmus student from Portugal.

ESN Weekly News: At the beginning I want to ask you for a story. Just tell me a story.

Ruben Ferreira: I can tell you a recent one. On a trip I made to Norway we woke up to a temperature of -14 degrees. During breakfast, the idea of going for a swim in the Oslo Fjord came up, so even though we had no shorts we went into the freezing water, in just our underwear. For me it was a shock and quite an experience because I’m not used to this kind of temperatures.

EWN: I can’t even imagine how cold it must have been! It was a very recent journey, but do you remember how your travels actually began? What about your first trip?

Ruben: My first travel abroad was one of those travels that all students do when they finish high school – I went to Lloret del Mar in Spain. This is how it all began :)

EWN: In our country this type of trips are popular, too. Well, now I want to ask you about your travel preferences. First, tell me, what would you choose – travelling with people or travelling alone?

Ruben: For me both have advantages and disadvantages; when you travel with someone it’s always nice to share the experiences and pass through the same situations together, but it could be more complicated when something happens and you need to take a decision. When you travel alone you discover more, you take decisions more quickly and you learn to be with yourself. So in my opinion it will always depend on the person’s personality, however everyone should experience at least two trips alone. The first one is strange because you feel a little bit lost and on the second one you will get the real feeling of travelling solo.

EWN: This conclusion brings me to another question – have you got any goals in your journeys? Or perhaps you are only focused on feelings?

Ruben: Normally, I don’t have a specific goal in my travels, I just go with the flow and see how things will end up. If you fix a target you are limiting yourself to a specific path that in general doesn’t have much variation, and this makes you somehow limited in travel experiences. If you stay flexible the path will have a lot more diversity and therefore more possibilities for new experiences. We have two legs and two arms, it is not to stay always in the same place, always experiencing the same thing over and over again. We have them to go explore, to gain new experiences, to get to know more people, cultures, share ours and learn about and respect the others.

EWN: Wise words, I have to write them down! Ok, now I wonder what the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen is…

Ruben: The most beautiful place? The next one! I always answer this this question with “the next one”, because it really is. You always have the definition a beautiful place in your mind until you find another one that is even more beautiful than that.

EWN: Haha! You’re right! So, do you want to live on the road all the time? To see another, and another ”most beautiful place”?

Ruben: I’m addicted to travel! I’m sure that I will travel till my body tells me “I can’t do this anymore”. Travel makes my mind clear. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but for sure if I can I will be travelling as much as possible.

EWN: Have you got any advice for travel-beginners?

Ruben: You need priorities. Don’t be afraid to start, the only thing that is stopping you is your brain, the limitations are not in you but in your brain. It might seem scary at first but you will overcome it for sure, after which you will unlock a great chapter of your life. Regarding the money – it’s all about priorities. Make a monthly list of all of your spendings and see what is really important to you. Is it that thing that you want to buy but you will only use once and then stuff in your house in some place closed away, or a travel experience that you will remember for the rest of your life? Make decisions and set priorities.

EWN: And at the end I have two questions for you. First, it would be a disaster if I didn’t ask you – what do you think about Poland, Ruben?

Ruben: Poland has received me very well, after a few days I felt home. People are very kind, there are beautiful old cities and wonderful landscapes.

EWN: And the last thing – your next goal!

Ruben: South East Asia has been on my “radar” for quite a long time. I’m hoping that I can do it in a short time from now. But I also have a few European countries that I want to visit… Let’s see how things end up.

EWN: Let’s see. Thank you, Ruben, it was a very pleasant conversation!

Interview by Ula Małecka of ESN Weekly News

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