This week has brought us a strong dose of SociaLove energy, though that’s not all! Spontaneous pancake dinner – hope there’s more coming! And what cultural event had our Erasmus students go out and paint the town… green?

Monday, March 12th. On Monday morning the joined forces of SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility projects have once again accepted the invitation to English workshops at the Polish Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Marta from Spain and Turkey representative Beyza were ready for long conversations with the Association’s atendees. Then, the time came for some fun games! It was our second, but definitely not last visit at this lovely place and we are already inviting you to join us next time!

Tuesday, March 13th. Spontaneous Erasmus in School – why not? On Tuesday, responding to a special invitation from Junior High School no. 56, we took part in a Spanish Day organised by the school’s pupils. Firstly, our Education Officer – Ada – told them everything about living life as an Erasmus in Malaga (Spain), then Sergio and Arantxa discussed their mother country’s regions and traditions. Would you like to give a shout-out to your country? Stay tuned - Erasmus in school is coming back soon!

Wednesday, March 14th. On Wednesday we came back to pay a visit to the forever-young students of the University of the Third Age in Poznań. This time we were invited by a group of French learners. Our trusted Mathilde told students about the country and her native Brittany, then patiently answered all their curious questions. Soon we would like to invite you to another special meeting with the seniors. Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 17th. Even though not everyone might be aware of it, March 17th marks a day when the Irish all around the world celebrate their homecountry’s patron with the special Saint Patrick’s Day. Mild or green Irish beer, Irish decor and cuisine along with live music had the two-floor Tanner’s Irish Pub full to the brim with people until late night hours! Dominic John Sebastian – a natural born musician and creator of emotional, own life experience-inspired lyrics made sure to please the guests with a good deal of some alternative folk music. This night just couldn’t have been any better!

One chilly day in the middle of March... What better way to spend your free afternoon than to pop into a restaurant to make some new friends and just have fun? Our Erasmus Ambassador – Joanna – thought just that and gathered a strong team of twenty students, taking them out for a pancake dinner in one of Poznań’s best places to eat this type of dish. The chatty rooms of Pan Kejk were then replaced with the colorful walls of Cybermachina, where all attendees spent the rest of the night playing games and having the time of their lives. Thanks, Joanna!

March 20thErasmus in Kindergarten

March 21stMarket Imaginary - movie screening

March 22ndEscape Room

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