Tuesday, January 24th. As part of SocialErasmus project in the company of two Croatian students – Nina and Rosa – we visited sick children in the Clinic of Oncology, Haematology and Pediatric Transplantology of Clinical Hospital named after Karol Jonscher in Poznań. Together with children we were discussing the winter and plays in the snow, we were creating and decorating the pictures and wooden frames on the occasion of Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s Day. Thanks to common plays we helped the kids to forget about their illnesses.

At that day we also went to Park Trampolin – Jump Arena. We were accompanied by 9 Erasmus students. Everybody was well prepared taking with them sport clothing which is a necessity if one wants to comfortably make use of all the available attractions. An hour of entertainment in Jump Arena was not only a pleasant but also an exhaustive training. A lot of attractions, different kinds of trampolines, a pool with sponges thanks to which one could have practised their somersaults, made us leave the Jump Arena really unwillingly. We are sure we will be back there soon, next time in a bigger group.

Wednesday, January 25th. Time to say goodbye. Soon many of our Erasmus friends will leave Poznań. Having that in mind, we decided to organise traditional Farewell Party for them! In MK Bowling club we had a lot of chances for goodbye dances, toasts and free bowling game. We also handled the statuettes for Miss and Mister Erasmus, Best Traveller, SocialErasmus, Party Animal and Best Polish Speaker. The winners were selected in an open voting. Below you can find some pictures from the party.

We have a pleasure to introduce you Patryk Gura – a member of ESN UAM Poznań and a Coordinator of EVENT Project and… a new ESN-er of the month in January! It was Patryk, who for the last few months has been coorinating almost every event in which you took part. Unfortunately, he is leaving soon on exchange as part of Erasmus+ programme. What are Patric’s plans and how the future of EVENT Project looks like during his absence? We decided to ask him about that.

ESN Weekly News: You spent last months coordinating EVENT project. You were behind many events, bigger or smaller. Looking back, what did EVENT project gave you?

PATRYK: Most importantly, thanks to EVENT project I was able to test my skills as an organiser. Both in terms of contacts with sponsors and managing a team of volunteers who help me create events. It was time very well spent for me and I have learnt how to "create something out of nothing", and how important is good communication in a team to avoid crisises.

EWN: In the Summer term you are going on Erasmus to Bulgaria, and because of that you cannot be EVENT coordinator anymore. How would you rate your work?

PATRYK: I think I was active. I'm satisfied with my work, even though sometimes not so many people were participating in our events. It was worth creating something even for a handful of people though. I would like to thank all who were helping me in this semester.

EWN: What, in particular, gave you the most pleasure in this volunteering job?

PATRYK: The job itself gave me the most pleasure. You meet lots of great people, both our ESN section members who help you organize the events and Erasmus students who appreciate your effort. Then, you are no longer an anonymous ESN member for them. You just need a bit of creativity and everything becomes possible to carry out. As we often reiterate in our ESN section: “The sky is the limit”.

EWN: You are going on your Erasmus exchange, but maybe you have got some ideas to offer to your successor?

PATRYK: The most important thing right now is to focus on new Erasmus students and after the OW (Orientation Week, that is a welcome week for the new Erasmus students who come to Poznań for the summer semester – ed.) to keep them interested thanks to a variety of events. That is true, I am leaving, but I will always be available either on the phone or on the Internet to advise a future coordinator. Above all, my successor has to know that there is nothing to be afraid of.

EWN: How do you think, what are you going to miss most after leaving for your Erasmus exchange?

PATRYK: I think I am going to miss most all the groups of people I met here, but also the feeling that I can do something good and interesting for those who, to a greater or lesser degree, appreciate our work as ESN. Despite being a coordinator for those couple of months, I have not had enough time to carry out all the ideas I had in mind. Also, I am going to miss a great atmosphere I can feel in our ESN UAM Poznań section, and I know it is going to be difficult without it. I have been thinking a lot whether I should go or not, but finally I made a decision and I hope that my successor will be even better than me. He or she will always be able to count on my support. Although I am going to Bulgaria, I am not going to cut myself off from Poznań and I want to keep on being an active member of our ESN section in so far as the distance allows me to be.

Interview by Miłka Tomczak (ESN Weekly News)
Translation by Ola Muchowska, Jan Chmielewski (ESN Weekly News)


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