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Right now we invite You to take a look at ESN Weekly News next week's edition, in which you will find, among other things, article about incoming Orientation Week, including the schedule of events prepared for foreign students starting they adventures with Erasmus+ programme in Poznań.

Another recruitment process for student mobility under the Erasmus+ Programme has already been launched. However, before hundreds of students in Poznań submit the applications, they will probably have to answer a couple of questions. Going on an Erasmus exchange is a serious decision, that’s why it is no wonder that students sometimes have certain doubts. How to clear up their doubts? Where to seek the answers to their burning questions? We decided to ask Małgorzata Lasota about it – a Local Education Officer of the ESN UAM Poznań section.

ESN Weekly News: On January 6th, a spring recruitment process for student mobility under the Erasmus+ Programme was launched. Because of this, like every year, each Faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University organizes information sessions called “Erasmus Day”. What can we learn about during such meetings?

GOSIA: Such an information session is a great way to start your adventure with the Erasmus+ Programme. Faculty coordinators do their best to explain what the Programme consists in, where you can go abroad, what the amount of the mobility grant is, and what documents students have to prepare before going abroad.

EWN: What kind of doubts do students, who are still unsure whether to take part in the exchange, usually have?

GOSIA: Students are usually afraid that after coming back from the Erasmus+ exchange they will not be able to complete a semester or that they will have trouble connected with so called Learning Agreement. The meeting helps here if it comes to informing the student about what has to be included in such a document (Learning Agreement – ed.). However, it is the responsibility of a student to arrange a timetable at the host university in such a way that it matches as closely as possible that at the home university. Therefore, I always recommend first to check the study programme of the university where one would like to study.

EWN: Traditionally, during the Erasmus Days, ESN UAM Poznań stands can be found at the University Facuties. What can we find out from the members of our section?

GOSIA: This year, during the information stands, we are trying to involve those ESN UAM Poznań members who have already been on an Erasmus+ exchange. This way, students who are now getting ready to take part in the exchange have an opportunity to obtain first-hand information. Such a conversation is also less formal than, for example, an appointment with a Faculty coordinator, so the students are more willing to discuss their doubts.

EWN: ESN sections are present all over Europe, and our ESN members can talk about the activities of our organization in almost each bigger city, and the majority of them, can talk about their own Erasmus experiences. However, we do not know answers to all the questions. Where, apart from the Erasmus Day, should we look for any information regarding Erasmus+ exchange?

GOSIA: As a Local Education Officer I try to clear up all the doubts, and so I invite you all to talk to me! You can contact me via email: You can also find me on Facebook, of course. Apart from this, we regularly try to organize travel and information sessions, during which people, who participated in the Erasmus+ exchanges, talk about their adventures. There, you can get information straight from the horse’s mouth.

EWN: Lastly, let’s focus for a moment on the post you hold at the ESN UAM Poznań. It is quite a new post. What, apart from what you have already mentioned, falls under the responsibility of a Local Education Officer?

GOSIA: In my opinion, it mainly boils down to promoting student mobility, but not only with regard to the Erasmus+ Programme. I would also like to make as many students as possible aware of their rights and responsibilities regarding a student exchange, and also, I would like all the kinds of information concerning the Erasmus+ Programme to be as comprehensible, uniform and clear as possible. Therefore, I try to clear up all the doubts and to encourage students to take steps to go on an exchange. I have myself been on an Erasmus+ exchange twice, and with a clear conscience I can say that these were one of the best periods of my life, after which I came back as a changed person. That’s why, if you still hesitate over the Erasmus+ exchange, I encourage you to come to our travel sessions. The next meeting will be held on March 5th, at 20:00, in a café „Było nie było” on Taczaka street.

Interview by Mateusz Marciniak (ESN Weekly News)
Translation by Ola Muchowska (ESN Weekly News)

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