Partying, integration, cultural events, great memories and new friends are waiting for foreign students that arrived in Poznań. Orientation Week project is a great opportunity to explore the city and its most important attractions and also to start new friendships.
In the evening we will all gather at the Welcome Party - a mandatory event in every Erasmus student calendar. We prepared many attractions, such as First Impression game, integration games or InstaWall corner. On the second day our guests, accompanied by a guide, will explore the city and later in the evening they will participate in the famous Pub Crawl. Wednesday is awaited by football fans, because we will be visitng Inea Stadion, arena belonging to the local team Lech Poznań. A bit later, in a tram rented specifically for this occasion, the Tram Party will start. After the ride is finished, the party will move to 9 stóp Club, where you can dance, sing or play billard. On thursday we will take Erasmus students to the Porta Posnania - a modern, interactive museum. Later those, who paid for the full Orientation Werk pack, will go to the famous Shisha Bar for a Shisha Night. Poznań is known not only  for its fighting rams and rogale świętomarcińskie, but also fort the beer produced here. Because of that, visit to the Lech Brewery is a must have on our list. Friday will finished with a party in Czekolada Club - free entrance for every ESNcard holder. Weekend will be a time for integration between foreign students and their Erasmus Mentors. On Saturday, in Polonez dorm, they will have a chance to participate in games that will allow them to get to know other Erasmus students, Mentors and ESN members. Finally on saturday, during Eurodinner we will try cuisine from various countries prepared together by foreign students and their Mentors.

The Orientation Week has been one of the most important events organised by ESN UAM Poznań for years. What’s making it so special? You’ll find out if you read our interview with the President of our section – Kaja Janiszewska!

ESN Weekly News: The Orientation Week is 7 days during which there’s plenty of trips, parties and different events organised. This year it’s going to take place from 20th till 26th of February. What’s awaiting the participants of the OW this time?

KAJA: As always – only the best and the most interesting attractions. J Everyone’s going to find something for themselves. We want our new Erasmus+ students to get to know Poznań well during this week. From the historic-cultural side – thus all the city sightseeing with the tour guide or visiting the Brama Poznania (Gate of Poznań) but also from the touristic side – that’s why we’re going to visit the INEA Stadion and Lech Brewery. Of course we didn’t forget about the night integration! I hope that our mentors are already preparing for the Buddy Weekend which means that we’re going to meet to play some integration games – including speed meeting – and we’re also going to try the dishes from all the different countries on Sunday during the Eurodinner.

EWN: New Erasmus students are surely overwhelmed with all the information. It’s not easy to remember it all. Where can they find the newest/current information about events that are part of the OW? Can they contact some member of the section if they feel they need to?

KAJA: All the information the students received via email. We’re also updating the event on Facebook and on the Facebook group created for the UAM exchange students. The best source of the information are ESN members, especially Erasmus’ Ambassadors that is Angelika Kubiak and Klaudia Durma. All the questions about the OW or other important stuff you can ask through email or our section’s fanpage on Facebook.

EWN: Does it mean everyone can take part in all the events?

KAJA: To take part in all the events you have to get the full package – for this lucky 50 of students we also prepared extra atractions – Shisha Night and sightseeing with  the tour guide. People that are interested in specific activities can just buy single tickets. The Orientation Week also means attractions for the Mentors. We’d like to invite you to the Welcome Party on Monday, Tram Party on Wednesday and the whole Buddy Weekend which I mentioned already. I’d like to remind about the Buddy Challange that is taking part all this time. The most engaged from the Mentors are going to be rewarded during the Eurodinner on Sunday.

EWN: I am sure every city and every section have their own original events which make the Orientation Week. There’s so many inspirations around. Where did you get the ideas for all the events during the OW from? Did the whole concept of the OW change distinctly over the time?

KAJA: Poznań isn’t really changing so fast for us to be forced to change the OW’s plan. We offer you a lot of events that take place every year and are well planned ideas – sightseeing, visiting the Lech Brewery or the Stadium. Since the last year we take the Erasmus students to the Poznań’s Gate and we organise the Eurodinner at the end. Most of the attractions during the day are actually content but when it comes to the night we try to propose something interesting, unusual and attractive for our students.

EWN: Integration, having fun or showing the city – which ones are the most important when it comes to organising the OW’s events?

KAJA: All of them! J Even the name itself shows that during the Orientation Week our exchange students are meant to get to know the city from many sides, understand the polish tradition better but also understand the organisation of public transport, meet other exchange students, us – ESN members – and the Mentors.

EWN: You also did the exchange once and surely you took part in the OW in another country. From your experience you can recommend taking part in the organised events. What is it giving to the Erasmus students and also to the ESN section members?

KAJA: Firstly it’s an amazing way of ‘breaking the ice’. We meet people, the city and  suddenly we start feeling better. During the OW we make our first friends here, we create memories which we love going back to during the whole semester and sometimes even years. Taking part in the Orientation Week is giving the Erasmus students the feeling of unity and being a part of the group. Thanks to all the planned attractions students can get to know the city better and they don’t feel unsure/uncomfortable anymore. And for us – the ESN members – it’s the perfect time to know most of or even all the new students, establish relationships, present ourselves as nice and open people ready to go through the semester with them and to make unforgettable memories.

Interview by Agnieszka Grzybowska (ESN Weekly News)

Monday 20.02 - Sunday 26.02 - Orientation Week:

Monday, 20.02,  14:00, Colegium Minus UAM – The Inauguration of the semester

Monday, 20.02, 21:00, Colloquium Club - Welcome Party

Tuesday, 21.02, 11:00 and 14:00 - City Tour

Tuesday, 21.02, 19:00 - Pub Crawl

Wednesday, 22.02, 14:00, Inea Stadion - Inea Stadium Tour

Wednesday, 22.02, 20:00, PST Słowiańska (tram station) - Tram Party

Wednesday, 22.02, 22:30, 9 stóp (Piątkowska st.) – Erasmus Party

Thursday, 23.02, 11:20 and 11:40, Brama Poznania (Gate of Poznań) - Gate of Poznań Tour

Thursday, 23.02, 20:00, Shisha Bar - Shisha Night

Friday, 24.02, 12:00, Lech Brewery - Lech Brewery Tour

Friday, 24.02, 22:00, Czekolada Club – Erasmus Party

Saturday, 25.02, 17:00, Student Depot Polonez - Buddy Day

Sunday, 26.02, 20:00, 9 stóp (Piątkowska st.) - Eurodinner

Saturday, 11.03, 8:00 - Trip to Toruń with ESN UAM Poznań

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Editor: Mateusz Marciniak

Interview: Agnieszka Grzybowska

Translations: Sandra Myrda (interview), Jan Chmielewski (article)

Grafiki: Mateusz Marciniak, Karol Wiśniewski, Martyna Najmanowicz

Article: Ewa Bocheńska

Contact:, 785673675

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