Sunday, December 4th - ESN Football League continues. Competition is fierce and full of emotions, some teams are starting to gain advantage. Final will be held between Iceland and the Old Market on 15th January. Stupidos CF and SCIFT will fight for the third place.

Monday, December 5th - We are all starting to feel the Christmas atmosphere, and the crowd that attended Christmas party organized by ESN Poznań United is proving that. We had plenty of recently fashionable christmas sweaters, Santa Claus hats and climatic music. And in the evening... as always on mondays we went to Cuba Libre, because who said that Santa Clauses can't dance to latino music?

Wednesday, December 7th - Members of our section once again gathered in Jowita dorm to discuss the most important topics related to the organization. The president, Kaja Janiszewska, told us about the National Platform - a country-wide conference which took place on 1-4 december in Warsaw. We have also chosen the ESN-er of the month, Paulina Sikorska! Thanks to her we had such a great fun at Erasmus Date Auction recently. This was not the only honourable mention though. In a gesture of appreciation for her great efforts Natalia Zielińska was named the ESN Apprentice of the Month! Chect out a short interview with Paulina below, and look out for a interview with Natalia next week.

Friday, December 9th - Christmas is not only about snow, music and Santa Claus. It is also about delicious food. Knowing that, we invited Erasmus students to English Johnny Cafe to decorate... gingerbread together.

Saturday, December 10th - Christmas carols are beautiful, but not all of us have a chance to hear them. Remembering that, we decided to "tell" christmas carols lirycs using visual arts. We did it as a part of Exchange Ability project, which aims to cross barriers, even those that seems impossible to cross. Masterpieces created by us will now go to children who have to spend christmas in hospitals.

Paulina Sikorska is the new ESN-er of the month. She earned that, because last month was hard and full of challenges. She is ESN member for three years, now acting as SocialErasmus coordinator. She is an active person - in free time she practices basketball, cycling, hiking and jogging. She also likes to travel and read criminals. Paulina knows human mind quite well thanks to her interest in psychology. Being philosophy (currently pursuing Masters degree) and journalism student she has very busy life.

ESN Weekly News: You are ESN-er of the month. This is a huge achievement and also one that you deserved, because you worked on Erasmus Date Auction. How is it like to organise such a big event?

PAULINA: We started to work on Erasmus Date Auctions months in advance, so we had time to properly plan our actions . This project is organized by ESN Poznań United, which means we need to cooperate with other sections of ESN. We spend a lot of time trying to find sponsors for the event and preparing promotion strategy. The closer the Erasmus Date Auction evening was, the more stress we had, hoping that everything will go according to the plan. Although EDA costed us a lot of time and energy, it gave us satisfaction and happines when we were counting money we gathered after all this auctions etc. because we broke the record in Poznań. I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who helped us with EDA or after, collecting items, making packages for families in need and transporting those packages.

EWN: You are SocialErasmus coordinator. You work with children and those in need, showing Erasmus students that it is great to care for people. How does Social work and why did you choose it?

PAULINA: I'm trying to help Erasmus students integrate with the community of our city. The goal of SocialErasmus is to promote altruism among young people. We have mostly cultural and educational projects, but we also care about local community. SocialErasmus enriches student's international experience, allowing them to understand social problems around them, and also developing solutions. More importantly, it shows how young people can improve our society as citizens if the world. Our motto is: "leave your mark!" 

I had experience with this project being on my first and second Erasmus exchange, participating in it from the other side, and i had a chance to see how easy it is to change the world for better.

EWN: Where does your energy and motivation come from?

PAULINA: My motivation to work on SocialErasmus project comes from: smiles of those who receive help from us, kind words, hugs and gifts from preschoolers, dogs in shelters wagging their tails, teachers asking us "when you can visit our school, because students cannot wait any longer for you to come", relations from Szlachetna Paczka program, kind words from Erasmus students who are happy that they could contribute to the local community.

EWN: What being a part of ESN gives you? Is it only a satisfaction of being an active student or maybe also something more - a lesson of real life?

PAULINA: Thanks to ESN I have met a lot people who are full of passion and commitment. They had became my friends and then slowly they became my second family and i know that i can always trust them :) ESN is also a great way to self-develop in a chosen field. Interested in PR? You can help with promotion on local, national or international level. Interested in fundraising? You become a member of a team searching for sponsors. From my own experience i can tell you that coordinating your own project is very fun and developing, especially when your project is as good as you planned, or even better. Thanks to cooperation we are learning from each other and helping each other. We can participate in many trainings, there's plenty of them. Possibility of development combined with great fun in best company is a combination that describes ESN in the most accurate way :)And I must agree with you, it is a valuable lesson of adult life.

Interview by Agnieszka Grzybowska (ESN Weekly News)


December 11th, 17:30, Stary RynekIce Festival with ESN UAM Poznań

December 12th, 10:00, Kindergarden “Akademia Smyka”Kindergarten Visit with ESN UAM Poznań

December 12th, 20:00, Cybermachina PubBoardgames Night with ESN UAM Poznań

December 15th, 17:00, Stary Rynek – Poznań Silent Night 2016

December 16th, 15:00, BYŁO nie BYŁO – Give it a shot with ESN UAM Poznań

December 16th, 17:00, Wieniawskiego 1 – International Christma Eve

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How was your November? For us it was a month full of fantastic events. You do not believe? Watch the video below and see what we have done over the past weeks.