It was as diverse as it was interesting. These two weeks were super colourful! And what’s coming next?

Tuesday, April 24th. Poznań United are back with more #SociaLove in the second week of Social Inclusion Days. This time, we visited a forest inspectorate in Oborniki to plant trees with our Erasmus+ students as part of the Erasmus Forest project. During the visit, we learned how the forest inspectorate works and later took part in a bonfire organised by the hosts. It was an amazing day out in the fresh air, which we spent led by the key idea of the SocialErasmus project  - #LeaveYourMark.

Wednesday, April 25th. Wednesday was a Sport’s day – Pad Club filled up with checkers fans ranging from complete amateurs to more advanced players representing Italy, Turkey and Belarus. The participants learned tricks from one another and kept on finding out this game is not as easy as it may seem! Cheered on by some spectators, the group also used this time to develop friendships and get to know each other better. The fun later continued in Alibi club where they had all the time in the world to exchange their tournament impressions!

Friday, April 27th. On Friday, we visited the 164th Special Care Nursery in Poznań as the last part of the Social Inclusion Days initiative. Children had a unique opportunity to learn about the culture of Turkey and USA from Yagmur and Chris through some children songs and games originating from their countries. The kids didn’t keep them waiting long – they decided to show their international guests some of their own songs and games, some of which even included learning some special dance moves. It goes without saying, however, that Pyrek – ESN’s mascot – met with the greatest interest. Every child wanted to have a picture with him!

Saturday, April 28th. One-day trip to Wolsztyn turned out to be a brilliant way to show our Erasmus students a yet unknown side of Poland. The town known for its historical steam locomotives delighted our international visitors with exhibitions at its roundhouse, but most of all – with a worldwide exclusive annual Steam Locomotive Parade. The day ended with a dinner and some well-deserved rest by the picturesque Wolsztyński Lake. We will definitely be back!


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