For a few months now  ESN UAM Poznań  section Has been pursuing  the cooperation on an international scale. Finally we reached our goal, which resulted in a first intersectional meeting with the ESN LEI Potsdam (Niemcy). It took place from the 27th to 29th of February 2016.

The Potsdam section Has arrived to Poznań in the best possible moment. At  that time we were at the end of our Orientation Week. We had  the chance to show the high level of standards In our section , as well as our organization process during the biggest events. We have answered many questions, but we also received a lot of valuable information. We have learned about the Esn LEI Potsdam’s working model from the theoretical side, and soon we are going to put this theory in practice.

It seems that our intersectional cooperation is going to be a big project. Even more now, Since during those Three days many Project ideas came up that we can pursue together. However, our next  step will be getting to know the standards of ESN LEI Potsdam’s work, and our trip to Potsdam.