In 2004 three students of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań grew increasingly concerned over the lack of any student organisation at their University which could offer help and guidance to foreign students arriving in Poznań to study at their University. Therefore, they came up with an idea of creating a local section of ESN UAM Poznań as part of Erasmus Student Network, a Europe-wide student organisation. The ESN UAM Poznań section, in coopeartion with AMU International Office, works vigorously up to this day taking care of foreign students who come to study at AMU and organising them leisure activities. ESN UAM Poznań was established by Justyna Morozowska, at that time a second-year student of a BA degree in Management and Marketing at the Faculty of Law and Administration, who along with Michał Olczak and Mateusz Misiorny registered a local ESN section at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. To the first board of ESN UAM Poznań also belonged: Magdalena Działoszyńska, Michał Lachowicz and Bartosz Koziej, who were later joined by Justyna Turowska as well.