Winter semester 2016/2017 was full of adventures. In October we came here to spend our Erasmus together in Poznań. We had a chance to make friends and spend an amazing time! 

We don’t know when we'll meet each other again. Now it's time to say “goodbye”! However, before it happens… FAREWELL PARTY! 

The event starts at 9 pm in MK Bowling!

What is going to happen? 
- Awesome music
- FREE BOWLING AT 11pm!!!! (registration starts at 9pm so don’t be late!)
- Discounts 

Let's spend this event together and let's play as if it was the last party in Poznań!

25/01/2017 - 21:00
Święty Marcin 24, 61-805 Poznań
Meeting Point: 
Święty Marcin 24, 61-805 Poznań
Contact details: 
MK Bowling Poznań
Święty Marcin 24, 61-805 Poznań