ESN Weekly News (ESNnews) is your weekly update platform for all things ESN.

Covering every event from the passing week of activities and sharing what’s yet to come in the next, we also make sure you get your voice heard with a number of interviews we run each month.

What will you find on the ESN Weekly News website?

·              News: short news from ESN events and activities (with pictures)

·              Interviews and stories: interviews with Erasmus of the Month, stories from Erasmus students and representatives of the local community

·              Coming Soon: calendar of events for the upcoming week, linked with Facebook events

·              Gallery: your ESN adventures in pictures!

If you want to know “what’s been happenin’”, what is awaiting you in the next week or just get to know your ESN and Erasmus friends better, never miss our updates – up every Monday on your official Facebook group. Only quality content, promise :)





Magda Antoniewska