Not long ago saying that you are vegan or vegetarian effected in a few raised eyebrows and being bombarded with questions about your dietary choices – or sanity, for that matter. Since then, a plant based diet seems to has gained immense popularity, becoming “mainstream”, and it has been on the rise for at least 10 years now. Poznań is no stranger to veganism as well and has a variety of vegan restaurants and places with plant based options in the menu. So if you are vegan, vegetarian or you just like eating plant based from time to time, and you happen to be in Poznań, here is a list of places you should definitely check out.



Let’s start with Wypas (ul. Jackowskiego 38 – price range 13-30 zł), a vegan restaurant where you can find dishes which are variation on the most popular dishes from different countries in the world– Polish schabowy, Japanese sushi, Korean Bimbap or Italian risotto – all veganised.  Falla (ul. Wawrzyniaka 9 – price range 20-50 zł) is the best choice for people who love falafels in every shape and form– hence the name. They offer both vegan and vegetarian dishes. In their menu you can find delicious wraps, lavash with falafel and toppings, burgers with vegan cheese and souse, soups and hummuses. If you are looking for veganised traditional Polish food you should definitely visit Miłość – kuchnia roślinna (ul. Garbary 54 – price range 14-36 zł) which serves Poznan’s iconic “gzik z pyrą”, Zielona Micha – Vegan Bar & Café (ul. Górna Wilda 89/19 – price range 20-25 zł) where you can try vegan “schabowy” (which tastes just like grandma’s) or Planta Bistro (ul. Długa 11 – price range 10-30 zł) which serves an array of traditional dishes, including pierogi. And if you fancy a fast food go to Krowarzywa (ul. Kantaka 10 – price range 18-32 zł) where you can choose from the variety of burgers, pastrami and wraps, or Jack Rabbit (ul. Kościuszki 70 – price range 20-30 zł) and try their black bun burgers or cauliflower nuggets.

But what if you are the only vegan in the group and your friends want to go to the regular restaurant? No worries, I got your back. A huge range of restaurants in Poznań offer at least one vegan option in their menu. In Tapasta (ul. Kwiatowa 3/3) you can order vegan spaghetti alla carbonara, and in Bar a boo (ul. Stanisława Taczaka 11/2, ul. Gołębia6) you can try their vegan pizza option. Bobby Burger (ul. Matyi 2, ul. Pleszewska 1) and The United Tastes of America (ul. Ratajczaka 32/7) both serve vegan burgers, and if you fancy something from the Asian cuisine you should try Rolka’s (Naramowicka 215) vegan sushi rolls or Taj Mahal’s (ul. Wielka 22) Indian curry or dhal.

If you happen to have a huge sweet tooth just like me, you should check out Bez Jaj (ul. Edwarda Taylora 1), Geranium  Caffe (ul. Romka Strzałkowskiego 15), Jaglana (ul. Kramarska 1/5) or Kóltura (ul. 23 Lutego 8) and try their vegan options for desserts, such as tofu cheesecake, cakes, cookies muffins and coffee.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to vegan restaurants in Poznań. Most, if not all of these places offer delivery, so you can enjoy their food safely at home!