You feel like going on another trip, but don’t want it to be too far away from Poznań? Look no further - Greater Poland Voivodeship offers a lot of extraordinary places for you to see! One of them being Rogalin, a town with a palace dating back to the 18th century. 
source: Horribiledi - Praca własna, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl,
Pałac w Rogalinie
Here you can explore The Rogalin Palace, built between 1770 and 1776 out of Kazimierz Raczyński’s initiative, reflects mostly a classicistic style, but also in the interiors you can find some rococo influences as well. The mansion was home to the novelty, including Raczyński himself, who was a Crown Writer at that time. The grandeur of the palace was meant to represent the high political position and the rank of Raczyńscy’s lineage. What influenced that particular choice of location was its close distance to Poznań- the city that had enabled the residents to participate in its public life and to keep strengthening their social position there. The person in charge of constructing the building and its gardens, Czech architect- Antoni Höhne, was highly appreciated in the Voivodeship. 
Hendel's Library
One of the most interesting places in the mansion is the so-called „Hendel’s Library”. Mostly known from its rich, baroque interior, the library owes his name to its main designer- Zygmunt Hendel. What’s outstanding about this room is its wooden construction with a golden shade. The place is further decorated with a marble fireplace and crafts on the ceiling, representing coats of arms for Raczyńscy and Potoccy lineage. The library is situated in the most representative part of the palace. By the beginning of the 20th century, the collection was in total over 11 thousand books. Sadly enough, the library, destroyed during World War II, didn’t make it to modern times in its impressive form. After many years, however, it was possible to rebuild it well enough to open it to visitors, and its collection is still being displayed with the long-gone writings.
An office from the UK
Another big attraction of the palace was the rebuilt office of President -Edward Raczyński, who governed from the UK. This room, also called "the London office”, is filled with memorials and original furniture that come from his actual office, located in the capital of Great Britain. The interiors refer to the times when the polish government, forced by the political situation in the country, had to leave the country. The political asylum ended in 1990, after selecting Lech Wałęsa as the new president. While being in Rogalin, it’s also worth to visit the art gallery, where you can admire the work of some of the best Polish artists, like Jan Matejko, Jacek Malczewski or Stanisław Wyspiański. Although the gallery has lost some of its paintings during the wars, it still consists of almost 250 pieces.
Rogalin is also a great place for nature lovers. Its rococo style designed garden is a perfect complement to the majestic palace. The flora of it presents itself extraordinarily next to mythology themed vases and sculptures. Moreover- what it is really famous for is the park full of monumental oak trees, which is the biggest sample of this type of tree in the whole of Europe. The most famous oak trees in Rogalin are named Lech, Czech, and Rus. 
Nowadays, the Rogalin Palace is a part of the National Museum in Poznań. It offers different types of sightseeing, adjusted to your personal interest and preferred length of your trip. 
No time to waste then, next stop: Rogalin!