Climate change, global warming, endangered species – we’ve been all hearing about the changes that need to be made in order to save our planet. It can sound challenging and hard to imagine that one person can save the world but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you. Just follow “ The 3 R’s rule”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and this way we can all make Earth a better place.



That’s why we’ve brought to you some tips that you can introduce in your everyday life!



  1. You can’t live go fully vegetarian? Become one only for one day a week! Even the smallest change matters – this way you can reduce CO2 emission connected with producing meat.
  2. Water tastes great but plastic bottles are a real nightmare. But guess what! Tap water is as tasty and as healthy as bottled water. While at home you can easily pour some to your glass and if you’re going out – just take a reusable bottle water with you.
  3. You buy veggies, a lot of them but it’s easier to pack them to plastic bags in the supermarket ? Just take a cotton bag with you and put your products inside. Say goodbye to plastic!



  1. If you’re boiling eggs in a pot, don’t pour out the hot water after the eggs are boiled! After the water cools off, it can be used to water the plants! You can also use water after cooking pasta, rice etc. but only if water wasn’t salted! Plants don’t like salt J
  2. You forgot to take your cotton bag to supermarket and you had to buy a big plastic one? Once you unpack your groceries use it as a trash bag!
  3. If you buy packed meat or veggies you can use its plastic packing as a plate for takeaway for your friend. Just put the food inside, cover with aluminum foil and voilà!



  1. Try to buy products in environment friendly packing such as paper or glass.
  2. Be sure to recycle the materials properly. Yellow bin- plastic and metal, blue bin- paper, green bin- plant-based food e.g. carrot peel, and black bin- rest of trash.
  3. Take off the plastic cap from bottle. The plastic caps are valuable and can be donated to charity- you can bring them to our office!