December is here: colourful lights, the sounds of Christmas carols, and Christmas trees everywhere... You might be wondering, what is the best place to experience this unique atmosphere? Christmas markets, of course! But which ones to visit? Read on to find out!
Let’s start locally – in Poznan. The local Christmas market, also called Poznanskie Betlejem, takes place every year on the Old Market Square and the Freedom Square. The attractions include stands with traditional Polish and international specialities, aromatic mulled wine, or Christmas ornaments. A symbol of the Poznan Christmas market is also the giant Ferris wheel, which due to the similarity to the London Eye, was dubbed The Poznan Eye. The festivities will conclude once again with the Ice Festival Poznan, which is a competition for ice sculptors. 
One of the best-known Christmas Markets in Poland is organised in Wroclaw. The Fairy-Tail-like scenery of the Wroclaw Market Square fits snuggly into the atmosphere of gingerbread and Christmas trees. While visiting the Wroclaw Christmas Market, one can try local cuisine and also discover other cultures. If you want to go back to your childhood memories, then the forest of Christmas trees will be perfect for that! Don’t forget to visit the gnome “Prezentus”, which has a mysterious power to fulfil your every wish. Supposedly. 
But what’s the situation like in the capital city? The streets of Warsaw glow in the weeks preceding Christmas with beautiful lighting and ornaments. All you have to do is visit the Castle Square, which is dominated by a huge Christmas tree or take a walk through the Nowy Swiat street. A classical Christmas Market can be found on the Warsaw market, where one can ice skate every year. Another interesting Christmas attraction is the Royal Garden of Lights – a true light show next to the Wilanow Palace. While visiting Warsaw in December, don’t forget about the underground with its special Christmas-themed carriage. 
The Cracow Christmas Market is also exceptionally charming. The stalls located all around the Cracow Cloth Hall offer a wide range of local specialities, hot drinks, and Christmas ornaments. It is a perfect place to buy hand-decorated ceramic or baubles. The main square is also a place for performances of traditional dances, nativity scene competitions, and singing carols. 
Listing of all the Christmas Market in Poland, one cannot forget Gdansk and its Christmas Market on the Targ Weglowy street. The decorations could charm even the most stubborn adult. The attractions include ice skating, a merry-go-round and a Ferris wheel called AmberSky, from which one can see the whole Christmas Market. 
And others...
One can also find some incredible Christmas Markets abroad. One of the best-known takes place in Berlin on the Gendarmenmarkt. This Christmas Market is considered to be the most elegant and chic in the whole of Berlin. The stalls offer traditional Christmas food and the obligatory mulled wine. In their search for Christmas markets, one can also look south. Prague Christmas Market is very well known in Europe. It dazzles with beautiful ornaments and an enormous Christmas tree. While visiting, don’t forget to try a traditional Czech sweet – trdelnik.

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