Ioannis Plaketas, Greece

“Następny przystanek…Poznań”

“Next stop… Poznań”




Dear ESN members and students of UAM,

Hello/Dzień dobry!

My name is Ioannis Plaketas and I have recently graduated from the Department of Greek Philology at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. I am a 23-year-old young certificate holder from Greece with numerous plans and targets for the foreseeable future. One of these plans was my decision to apply for an Erasmus+ mobility grant in Poznań, Poland, a decision that I will never regret in my whole life.

But let’s take things in order and have a little flashback as for when, why, how many times and with whom I decided to choose Poland as my Erasmus+ destination. First of all, it is crucial to highlight the fact that I did spend both of my Erasmus+ mobilities in Poznań, twice! So impressed and motivated did I feel for that Polish city, the city of the young... It was no earlier than the spring semester of 2018 when my friends and I decided, in extreme excitement, to apply for Erasmus for the first time. One of the main reasons we did choose this City is the fact that the University courses were held in English and there was nearly a complete match between the foreign and our home university’s curricula.

Later on, as my friends and I arrived in the unique city of Poznań, we immediately noticed that it was an undeniably easy to navigate place with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. All of us found our student dormitories quite easily, especially Hanka dormitory which had been my home for the next five months. Hanka is situated in the heart of the city and is in the best condition it could have been, making our stay there comfortable and special due to its recently renovated edifice and facilities! That was one of the places in which we made new friendships and had blissful moments, along with friendly local people and new cultures.

Furthermore, day by day my Erasmus mates and I started getting to know each other and exploring many must-see places in the city such as: Plac Wolności, Fara Poznańska and Katedra Poznańska. Due to Poznań’s functional location, we’ve traveled to many nearby Polish and foreign cities, such as Warsaw, Berlin and Prague, living our Erasmus experience to the fullest.




Moving on to my second experience in the city of Poznań in the winter semester of the academic year 2019-2020: I again decided to spend my Erasmus at Adam Mickiewicz University for plenty of reasons and expanding my horizons even more! Friendly local Polish students, punctual and well-shaped transportation means, clean and green environmental conditions, variety of options regarding entertainment options, such as ESN events, myriads of pubs, clubs and cozy coffee shops, the convenient location of Poznań and the affordability of Poland played a significant role in my decision to select UAM as my Erasmus+ University once again!

More specifically, I would like personally to felicitate two Erasmus+ coordinators: Ms. Justyna Wciórka and Mrs. Jagoda Jaskuła for their kind character, passion of work and their willingness to help every Erasmus student, providing useful support, advice and information about the city, the University and the so-called “Erasmus Life”. Moreover, I would also like to kindly congratulate Dr. Nicole Nau, the professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature in UAM, because, during my two mobilities in Poland,  I had the opportunity to successfully attend three of her courses and as a matter of fact, her passion for linguistic research and knowledge made me reconsider my future plans and educational institutions where I would spend my next two years as a postgraduate student!

Last but not least, the fact that Adam Mickiewicz University offers, besides its various options about courses, lectures, conferences and not only mainstream language lessons, free Polish language classes for every level for its Erasmus+ students, something which is really important and useful when staying in Poland, enhances my conviction as for choosing UAM as my Erasmus destination. Finally, the fact that Poznań, and Poland in general. is actually, a safe place contributed also to experience my Erasmus+ mobility without worrying about my public safety etc.

Taking everything into consideration, I would like to underline the fact that due to my special and once in a lifetime experience in UAM/Poznań I am looking forward to applying for a Master’s degree in ELLDO (Empirical Linguistics and Language Documentation), a Master’s programme of UAM, in the forthcoming June. The main reason I select UAM as my future educational institution is the fact that, as an EU’s member, I will be studying for free with well-qualified professors and students from different ethnicities in a vibrant, student and picturesque place!

Till that time… do zobaczenia Poznań!*


All the best,

Ioannis Plaketas, 13/04/2020.



*see you soon, Poznań!


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Ioannis Plaketas



Magdalena Antoniewska


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