My name is Dias. I am from Almaty, a city at the very feet of the Tian Shan mountain range at southeastern Kazakhstan.
I’ve been throughout all of Asia, as my family used to travel a lot, and then I was eager to discover Europe. Poland seemed like a great opportunity to fulfill this dream – being relatively affordable, it is a beautiful country with its very unique history and culture which, in turn, are closely bounded with the history of entire Europe. 
Poznań fits surprisingly lot in its boundaries – from the inside it somehow feels much bigger than Almaty, thou having only a quarter as much population. I was especially impressed by how well the city’s public transport system works, which might not be something special for people from other European countries, but for me, it is worth mentioning and was a huge lifesaver once I had to get from the airport to my dormitory. I’ve also been dazzled by how friendly and open folks here are, so got to give them my credit – even thou many locals don’t speak English well, they are generally nice to foreigners and are always happy to help.
Life truly thrives here – the abundance of foreign students makes this place feel truly international and never boring. Thou I’ve been here for just a couple of weeks, I almost feel like it has been months since I arrived. 
Once I learned some Polish, the place started to feel almost like a second home to me. Thou my knowledge is not perfect yet, the ability to understand and somewhat speak local language truly brings my experience to a new level – at the very least, I no longer feel like a complete tourist. Even thou many people see Polish as enormously hard, it is really interesting for me to learn another Slavic language (as I natively speak Russian), especially since Polish, in my opinion, has a strong old Slavic atmosphere to it. 
 I feel like my best experiences here are yet to come, as Poznan has so much more to it still left for me to explore. I’m also looking forward to visiting other cities both in Poland and neighboring countries, but Poznan will forever hold a special place in my heart.