My name is Chaiyeon Min, and I come from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. 
I studied Forest Environment Protection at my home university, and I took Biology & Geography course in Poland. There are many English courses at Adam Mickiewicz University. 
Poland is located in the heart of Europe, so it is good to travel. Above all, I think Poland has a similar history with Korea. Just today (11.11)  is Independence Day. In 1920, Korea was under Japanese colonial rules. So I’m interested in Poland and that's why I’ve chosen Poland for my studies. 
Poland is the first country in Europe that I have visited. Everything here is grand and marvelous. I went to the Old Town on the weekend, and the buildings were so beautiful, it was so nice to see the family taking a walkout. That day I tried Polish dishes: pierogi, golonka and mulled wine. Golonka is a little bit greasy but pierogi were palatable. There is a similar food in Korea. 
I have visited Krakow, Zakopane and I have been to Morskie Oko. I heard the saying: "There is always Zakopane when life is unbearable". It was a really fascinating scene. It's so beautiful that I recommend my friends to go there. 
Poland is so different than Korea. 
In Korea, people are always in a hurry, they work a lot and are very busy. They have no time for themselves. But I heard that Polish people are getting married early. It might be because of the fact that people are always with family. It looks nice. I especially like that the drivers here have good manners. It is one of the most shocking things in Poland. Always waiting for a pedestrian. Wow! 
When I heard Polish for the first time, I thought it was too hard. I can't speak Polish right now but I want to speak better when I go back to Korea.