Meet Andreia!



My name is Andreia, I’m from Elvas, a beautiful city in Portugal.

I study Political Science and International Relations at NOVA University of Lisbon, and in the last semester, I had the opportunity to do Erasmus in Poznan. 

One of the questions I was asked the most during the time I was there was "Why Poland?" and, honestly, there was never a very solid reason.  I have been lucky enough to travel around Europe and Poland was one of the places that surprised me the most. 

The truth is that I already had a particular interest in this country. for all its history and culture, which I now feel at home.

But what really astonished me in Poland was Poznan, a city I’d never heard of before. Although it is not a very large city, Poznan is extremely developed, organized, and safe. 

Poznan is an excellent combination of what one might want for Erasmus: a good University (which fully understands the spirit of Erasmus' students); lots of bars and clubs throughout the city; as well as a large range of transport to any part of Europe.

If you’re thinking of doing Erasmus in Poznan, let me tell you, if you do, you won’t regret it.