A train full of treasure, weird stone circles, and mysterious forest? No, it’s neither an abroad trip plan nor science fiction movie scenes but attractions on Poland’s travel map! Those places are not worse than the famous hotspots overseas. Find out what Poland can surprise you with!

  1. Icy Aladdin’s flying carpet?

In Greater Poland, near Pila, during severe winter, you can find floating ice that, just like an Aladdin’s carpet, seems to be flying above the ground. However, this phenomenon has its scientific explanation! The lake, which once was, is a so-called seasonal lake – a lake that significantly changes its size during the change of the seasons. And so it was this time. Kopcze Lake, another lake located nearby, flooded, and as a result, a depression of the seasonal lake was filled with water. Later, when the frost came, the lake’s surface froze while the remaining water has gone down. This way, the frozen lake surface “levitates” up to 1.5 meters above the ground!



  1. Polish Stonehenge

You don’t have to go to Great Britain to see stone circles for yourself! You can do it during your stay in Poland. In West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in a small town called Grzybnica, deep in the woods, a polish Stonehenge is located. But the stone circles are nothing more than the remains of the Goths, an eastern Germanic tribe from the 2nd/3rd century. The purpose of the circles is not entirely known, but the scientists have confirmed the traces of ceremonial feasts and rituals related to the burying of the dead. What’s interesting, the bioenergy fans claim that the energy, which can be found there, is special; some of the stones are always hot regardless of the outdoor temperature, and from the bottom of some rocks, there is a bright light coming…



  1. Train full of treasure

Wagons filled with gold, art pieces, china. A legend from II World War doesn’t stop to be the hot topic among the keen treasure hunters. According to the legend (or maybe facts?), at the end of the war, the Third Reich was supposed to give the order to smuggle the grabbed treasure in the train going from Wroclaw to Walbrzych. However, this “Golden Train” has never reached the station in Walbrzych, and the wagons with treasure have never been found. The existence of the train was also never confirmed. But the legend is still moving the hearts because the Lower Silesian Voivodeship is full of underground passages, Hitler’s secret bunkers, and Third Reich’s army bases. Who knows, maybe in one of them there is a Golden Train waiting…

  1. The Crooked Forest

Less than 70 km from Szczecin, there is a forest like a fairytale. The trees there are bent even by 90 degrees! One hundred pines, growing in the wood,  are the riddle not only for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages but also for the scientists. The trees are enough bent for people to sit on them and take some pictures. No one really knows what caused the trees to look this way. There are many theories. There are the crazy ones and those more probable. It’s possible that the bend of the trees was a deliberate action of people who were growing them to use them to build the boats, barrels, or sledges. There is also a theory that the bend was caused by the tanks’ drive … Well, judge it by yourselves which theory is right.

  1. Gravity anomaly

In Karpacz, at the foothills of the mountains, there is an inconspicuous rode. But you can make your drive there more attractive! It turns out that when you stop the car, put it in the idle gear, and get out of the vehicle… the car will go uphill on its own. Like a magnet, the vehicle is being pulled closer to the mountains. If you don’t have the opportunity to check this phenomenon with a car, a simple bottle will be enough – if you lay it on the ground, it won’t go downhill but uphill. As the researchers state, this anomaly is caused by a decreased level of gravity in this place – it’s lower by 4%!


As you can see, you don’t have to go abroad to play the role of Indiana Jones and solve the riddles in the places full of mysteries. Don't you believe it? Check it yourself!