Eurovision Song Contest: Poland




Although the history of the Eurovision Song Contest starts back in 1956, Poland has joined the competition nearly 40 years later and had its debut in 1994. However, earlier contests had often been broadcast on the Polish broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP), therefore, Polish citizens could dive into Eurovision fever before they could even join it.

Polish people could not imagine better debut in the Eurovision Song Contest, as the first-ever performance turned out the be also - by far - the most successful for Poland up to this day. In 1994 Poland selected young Edyta Górniak, who sang a song in the Polish language "To nie ja" ("That's Not Me”) and in the final received 166 points and was placed second.  However, not so many people know that Poland could have been disqualified that year though. The Eurovision Song Contest had changed its formula and rules through years and back then, in 1994, there was no free-language rule. Although few national delegations formally petitioned for Poland to be disqualified, it was not the majority, so in the end, Poland was allowed to remain and reached its success. You can listen to the performance of Edyta Górniak here:

Between 1995 and 2011 Poland was taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest annually without any bigger success except 2003 when music band Ich Troje with their song sang in Polish, Russian and German "Keine Grenzen – Żadnych granic" was placed on 7th place in the final.  Ich Troje was also reselected to participate in 2006 but failed to qualify for the final. Here you can find a sample of music of the band:

After several years of failing to break through semi-finals, Poland decided to step back from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. The comeback in 2014 with "My Słowianie – We Are Slavic" performed by Donatan & Cleo. Although it gave Poland 14th place in the final, it was also covered in controversy due to the sexual context of the song and performance. Performance of Donatan & Cleo
In the next three years, Poland was also qualified for the finals, but the biggest surprise and controversy happened in 2016 with Michal Szpak. Eurovision fans predicted his placing with the song "Color of Your Life" in the top 10 even before the semi-finals had started. However, that year the Eurovision Song Contest changed its voting rules by dividing final points into jury points and fans points. In the final Michal Szpak received only 7 points form the jury that placed him nearly at the end of the scoreboard. However, after 222 points from fans, he immediately jumped on the 8th place and is now the 3rd best Polish entry in the Eurovision. Listen to Michał Szpach here:
Eurowizja, Michał Szpak – „Color of Your Life” 18.02.2017 - YouTube
Entries in years 2018-2019 were non-qualifiers for Poland, so when Alicja Szemplińska was chosen this year Poland, it put a lot of hope in her as she has an amazing voice. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in its history was called off and lost its title of the longest annually held competition. Will Alicja represent Poland in 2021? Probably, but nothing was yet confirmed by TVP. Here is a performance of Alicja:
Although Poland may not yet reach the biggest glory of winning a regular edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the country can be proud of scores in competition kid version – the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In 2018 Roksana Wegiel with her entry "Anyone I Want to Be" won the contest held in Minsk, receiving 215 points. After winning in 2019, Poland decided to hold the competition in Gliwice and selected Viki Gabor with her song "Superhero" as an entry. She won the competition receiving 278 points and Poland was the first country in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to win two years in the row!  It was also confirmed that the 2020 edition will take place in Warsaw, on special conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is the performance of Roksana: and here of Viki Gabor:
Eurowizja Junior 2019. Występ Wktorii "Viki" Gabor. Zobacz wideo z ...