People? Nature? Or maybe architecture? You can submit photos in each of these three categories to the competition called Discover Europe, organized by Erasmus Student Network Poland!

The competition was held for the first time in 2004 and has been constantly developing since then, as proven by the fact that the last year's edition participants submitted as many as 3167 photos. Maybe your photo will be among this year's entries?

Discover Europe is aimed at both Polish and foreign students (the condition is to attend a university which is part of the European Higher Education Area). It gives a unique opportunity to present your photographic abilities, creativity, but also - as the name of the competition suggests – to discover Europe from the perspective of three broad categories: Discover Architecture, Discover Nature and Discover People.

How does the competition work? Photos can be sent from 1st to 31th March 2021. Each of the works is submitted to one specific category. During the competition, events promoting Discover Europe will be held at many Polish universities, so it's worth to follow the local ESN sections' social media. Then, in April, the Jury will deliberate to select the winners of the competition. It is worth adding that each year the Jury consists of experienced photographers – during the previous edition those were: Aleksander Małachowski (Hasztagalek), Weronika Milczewska (VEROetNIKA) and Maciej Kornacki ( The official announcement of the competition's results – expected by all – will take place in May.

Although Discover Europe is a competition, the rivalry is not the most important thing. In fact, what counts is the love of photography, the willingness to integrate and to build a community, and a small encouragement to leave the house, take a camera with you and discover Europe anew.



Discover Europe 2020, first place in the category Discover People - Damian Kruk, "Wiek to tylko liczba - Babcia"


Discover Europe 2020, first place in the category Discover Architecture - Jan Menażyk, „Citizen"


Discover Europe 2020, first place in the category Discover Nature - Michał Butkiewicz, „Looking down at us”