Erasmus is one of the best experiences during student’s life. Trips and journeys, new contacts, exciting events that’s when you create the best memories. Erasmus exchange is well-known for its parties; however, isn’t it that man cannot live by bread alone?


If you want to enrich your life, during your student exchange, that’s the news for you! Today we present a list of worthy your attention spots in Poznań. After all, it’s worth to check, if Polish saying that Poznań is a city of sensations is aligned with the truth! If you stan live music shows, necessarily visit The Dubliner Irish Pub. Concerts of jazz or rock origin and stunning interior will make you feel as if you were in Ireland. When St Patrick’s Day comes, this pub is a must: music contests with special prizes, Irish folk, everything in the spontaneous, family-like atmosphere – a bucket list for every hoot.

Looks familiar? Yes, it is the Imperial Castle. And it's exactly where you can find the Dubliner Irish Pub!

Next to Wilson’s square, there is one exceptional spot – the Poznań palm house. Every nature – lover is inevitably going to become enchanted by this destination. The palm house looks like a giant greenhouse, which contains many corners of the world itself – in one spot you have the opportunity to see typical for tropics plants, in another one you feel as in dark, dense Polish forest. Often, also theme weekends are organised inside, during which you can enjoy cat or butterfly exhibition among trees and ferns. Each and every nature geek will feel at home there.

If you are an outdoorsy type, but you are not quite aware, where can you unload at peace? Come around Malta – a beautiful lake, along which a river flows, where you can roller skate, cycle or walk around, admiring the views. There’s no way that you won’t find a soul above Malta – it’s bustling with energy and people. Moreover, not far from there flows the Warta river, and two malls are located: Posnania and Malta. What is more, you can go around Malta Spring Waters – the biggest swimming pool in Poland.