You have already seen the whole Poznan and have no idea, what you should do next? Well, it’s high time you visited the biggest city and the capital of Poland – Warsaw. There are plenty of things to do, obviously, it is the biggest city after all. But what should you do with your time there?
You should begin your trip, traditionally, in the old town. Colourful facades that can be seen there, were rebuilt by the inhabitants themselves after being mostly destroyed during the second world war. Right now, the old market and the atmospheric streets cradling it are a perfect spot for a lazy walk, whatever the hour may be. The Old Town is full of misty cafes and restaurants, which are perfect for a break after a day full of fun. It is worth taking a seat next to Warsaw’s Little Mermaid – a monument, which is the symbol of the city. Being there, why not come by the Castle Square, see the Royal Castle and the Sigismund’s Column – I mean, the king on top of it moved the capital to Warsaw, that’s interesting, right? The castle was also rebuilt after the war. Once the building was used as a seat of the local princes, but with the moving of the capital, it gained a lot of importance. Right now, it is just one of the most popular museums in Warsaw, nothing major.
the Old Town in Warsaw
Another beautiful place in Warsaw is the Lazienki Park (Royal Baths Park), which could best be described as a palace and park complex. Lazienki wow us with the breath-taking foliage and architecture. The most popular building out of the whole complex is the Palace on the Isle. The classicist building was constructed, like the whole park, on request of the last Polish king – Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Going through the palace we can marvel at, among other things, the portrait room or the paintings gallery. In the vicinity of the palace, you can come across colourful peacocks just walking the walkways normally walked by tourists. Not far from here we can see another attraction emblematic of Lazienki – Amphitheatre. The construction supported by arcades was designed to resemble the good old Forum Romanum. During the summer the amphitheatre is brimming with entertainment, concerts and various performances take place there regularly. Other worth-mentioning buildings are the Old Orangery, Hermitage and Little White House. The Park is also full of gardens. One of them, the Chinese garden is probably the most beloved, owing to the eastern motifs. Walking through it is like walking through less crowded streets of Peking. 
Lazienki Park in Warsaw (Royal Baths Park)
Due to the royal character, Warsaw was the city of amazing buildings. Another one of those is the Wilanow Palace. The baroque construction was built in the XVII century for King Jan III Sobieski. The Unique architecture of the palace takes after European styles but also draws from Polish motifs. What’s interesting, the palace managed to power through both wars in its original form, not counting some minor looting. The palace, after all of the excitement of its history, settled down to become a museum coated with beautiful gardens. 
While being in Warsaw, it’s hard not to notice the giant building in its centre. It is the Palace of Culture and Science, one of the highest building in Poland! It was built in the style of Socialist Realism and is still a controversial topic. Finished in 1956, was a “gift from the Soviet nation to the Polish nation”. This connection causes a resurgence of the demolishing subject every few years or so, but it seems that the Palace became such a fixture of the landscape that it is here to stay. Standing among the Warsaw Skyscrapers it was recognised as an object of cultural heritage in 2007. Nowadays the palace is home to many companies and governmental organisations, few theatres, museums, and a cinema. On the 30th floor, one can find the famous terrace, from which one can see (almost) all of Warsaw. 
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw
This is of course just a sample of the things offered by the biggest Polish city. Everybody can find something that suits their palate. Do you like history? Drop by the interactive museum of the Warsaw Uprising or the museum dedicated to the history of the Polish Jews. Do you love art? The National Museum and Zacheta National Gallery are just waiting for you. You need something more original, that you can post on Instagram? Visit the museum of neon, take a hike through the garden on top of the University Library or take a photo of one of the Warsaw Skyscrapers – Warsaw Spire. 
Don’t stagger, Warsaw uncover! 

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