‘’Hi Salvatore! Why did you go to Poland?’’

Well, I could write a book about my (very) short Erasmus period in Poland. Really. And actually I wrote a personal secret diary about my days there in 2017. Imagine that after almost two years I didn’t have the courage to read it… but it’s another story 😊 So I’ll write here a single part of my Erasmus period. The period that really has changed my life.

When I chose Poland I was 23, I was studying law and I was totally unable to speak english neither polish. But I went to Poznan and immediately all the doors opened to me by themselves. When I arrived there, soon I went  to the Faculty of Law and Administration, where my courses took place. One of the subjects I chose was ‘Migration Law’ and the professor was of the best teacher I ever had. The class was a mix of Erasmus and Polish students and I had the possibility to discuss about something really important for that period: ‘’how’s going the Migration in Italy my dear friend?’’ ‘’Is it true they are too much for Italy?’’ and something more. In Poland, I really had the chance to talk about something that in Italy is, for sure allowed, but still is an argument that people use to judge you depending from what you tell them. With my professor and my classmates, I was free to open my mind over Europe and talking about what you, a single person, could do/make for the entire world. Maybe it’s just a crazy idea, but in Poland I had this freedom. In the end of our course we had the presentation project and I studied very hard to make a very nice work. When I left Poland I realized my freedom was increased because of discussions I had about things like this and other subjects: trips, people’s attitude all around the world, costumes, cultures. If I think about my Erasmus period, even the Euro Dinner, in which I made a typical dish from my country, is a way to share something about yourself with someone that is totally far away from you. And this kind of things for me is something that really unites persons. After that period, I chose my argument thesis was about migration. I’m practicing as a lawyer in migration law.

That’s Erasmus in Poland.