Many people admire Poland because of its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful Baltic Sea, or historic cities. However, there’s always someone who says – “Poland? There’s nothing interesting there”. Well, they are wrong! While visiting our country, put aside some time and prepare yourself to be amazed by all the fantastic, unexplored places! Where should you go first? It’s best to start with the wonderful Polish mountains! For example: 



First of all, you can choose the Tatra Mountains – the most popular mountains in Poland, that belong to the Carpathian Mountains mountain range. There, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities. What places are the most beloved by tourists? First of all, there is Morskie Oko – a pond in the high mountains that offers us amazing views throughout the year. Next destination is the famous town called Zakopane, where there are always many tourists and where ski jumping competitions are organized at the biggest ski jumping arena in Poland – Wielka Krokiew. Probably the most popular destination in the Tatra Mountains is the Tatra National Park where, if you are lucky, you can spot a Tatra chamois or, if you love achieving new goals, you can always try to climb the highest peak in Polish mountains – Rysy. Everyone can find something for themselves. The Tatra Mountains are truly captivating, especially now, when there’s snow everywhere and it’s freezing cold.



And maybe you just want to quit everything and go to Bieszczady? These mountains are very peaceful and picturesque. They are best known from połoniny – kilometers long, wide hilly areas full of hiking trails and wild flora. The name Bieszczady is itself very intriguing. There is an urban legend which says that a long time ago only spirits lived in that area. Biesy were the malicious spirits, and Czady were the good spirits. Together, they gave the name to the mountains. Bieszczady are worth visiting during every season of the year.


Another destination are the Pieniny Mountains. It’s a small mountainous area, but it’s for sure a very mesmerizing one! Beautiful limy peaks, rafting down the Dunajec River, many castles – they all contribute to the beauty of Pieniny. Nature is always truly surprising in this place.


You can also visit Karkonosze – the highest part of the Sudetes mountain range. The most popular peak is Śnieżka, which is breathtaking throughout the year. The Karkonosze area abounds in waterfalls and other fascinating gifts of nature. The one place you need to visit there is Szklarska Poręba – a small town, that during the winter is always full of tourists.

The mountains mentioned above are not the only mountains in Poland, these are just the most popular ones. If you wanted to talk about all of them, you could talk for hours, because, as someone smart once said, “mountains are life, life is mountains”, which is 100% true. After visiting our beautiful Polish mountains, you come back changed, full of new energy. Believe me –  if you go there once, you’ll come back many more times!





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