There is a little place on Mielżyński street which is impossible to miss. I’d even risk saying that whoever was there at least once, will come back again sooner or later. Not only can you drink some excellent coffee there, but you can also find quite a healthy dose of inspiration and history. You could comfortably say that a visit there is like a visit to another dimension – into a microcosm of book worms and theatre nerds.

“U przyjaciół”[1] is the perfect name for this place. While visiting the cosy café, you’ll feel like you’re stopping by somebody you know. There are a few things that create this unique vibe. Before we come inside, we have to go through a charming yard of an old building which looks simply beautiful at any time of the year and always puts you in a good mood. On the sunny days  the most persistent clients can enjoy the sun together with some lovable four-legged furry friends which aren’t afraid to sit on somebody’s lap and demand the kind of petting that only a cat can demand. Who wouldn’t want to pet a cat while drinking some delicious hot chocolate?

Inside, a small room awaits us. Behind, there is a lounge with a few tables. Curtains separate these tables and every one of them has a patron writer. Additionally, next to every table you can find drawers in which countless people have already hidden their scribbles, drawings, poems or even mysterious mathematical equations. There is much to be inspired by but also to laugh at. Jokes, gags, funny stories scribbled on a ticket - that is all it takes to add a bit of your own magic to this place for all the future guests to enjoy. Adding to your enjoyment is also some very tasteful and fitting music. I have never been let down by the music played there – it never fails to calm me down and to add some charm to the general scene.

“U Przyjaciół” is also a theatre, and most of what you will find on the menu is somehow connected to the plays already performed there. Basically, everywhere we look, we can see quite a number of photos, memorabilia and props. In the very menu we can find a few archival pages that recount what happened in this fascinating place in the past. Definitely worth a read!

And what else can the menu offer? You can get some real hot chocolate there! What’s more, they have a great selection of various coffees and teas. What is worth pointing out, is that you won’t get to drink a normal tea there but get an instruction which will surprise you and often cause a giggle-fest. You can fall in love with their mulled wine. A slice of chocolate tart will make you remember every second spent there. In the menu you can also find some whimsical beers, cooling drinks with some surprising names, desserts, and snacks – very delicious salads and toasts! If you are looking for an atmospheric spot, which will fill you up with positive energy and a dose of inspiration, then Mielżyńskiego is your place to be. Maybe the table with your favourite author is still free?


[1] The name of the restaurant means: “at your friends’ place”.