What is the best way to deal with fall blues? Some tea and a cat… or even cats! On the map of Poznań we can find new unique place, where cats’ purring resounds from everywhere. That’s “Kocimiętka” – catty café.

It is located in the city centre, at Ratajczaka street 18, in shopping arcade Apollo. Before the visit, you have to reserve the table on special time. “Kocimiętka” has two rooms – one looks like a normal café and the second one, which is closed with glass door, is the real cat heaven. In the entrance, we’re greeted by four-legged creatures, which want us to pay attention to them. They live there and, if someone wants, can be adopted. In the cat’s part of “Kocimiętka” we can seat on the couch as well. It is like in the normal café but here cats are in the foreground. Sitting on the couch, we are surrounded by kittens’ love. They are everywhere – on our laps, on the table or on the couch. We can play with them while drinking coffee, which is a pleasure both for us and the cats.  

When it comes to living conditions for cats, they’re flawless. The cats have unrestricted access to food and water. They can use many cat trees, pillows and toys. In their room there’s a woman who takes care of cats and gives them water, if they need more. Guests can play with cats, pet them, but it is forbidden to feed, wake or catch them, if they want to run away.

If you’re a cat lover, you have to visit “Kocimiętka”! Nothing relaxes you better than a cup of coffee, a book and a cat… in this case thirteen purring cats!




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