They are the keepers of our secrets, often allies in arguments with our parents, they spoil us with delicious home-made food and sweets – our grandparents. They are also the ones who help parents bring us up, very often being our first „babysitters”. We, Poles, as a nation very much value the presence of seniors in amongst of our friends. No wonder then that both grandpad and grandmas get to enjoy their own holidays in Poland.

The first one to celebrate her holiday is grandma. On 21st of January she can expect a visit from her grandkids, with some presents, maybe flowers or a box of chocolates. One day later, on 22nd of January, grandpa gets to celebrate his holiday. He usually also gets a little something, as a token of the grandkids’ love. The younger kids usually give their grandparents a hand-made card, often with their own drawings inside and the kids wishing their grandparents various things.

Often, we devote these whole days to be with our grandparents, or if we can’t, in the afternoon we eat dinner together, play some games, or maybe just talk. It is a perfect opportunity to listen to some stories from the past, or even learn some historical oddities you can’t find in history books.

It is very hard for the elderly to keep pace with today’s world, in which their kids spend most of their time working, in a world with so many technological advancements, which the grandkids know by heart because they grew up with them. That is why it is so important to find time for those who always have found time for us, who love us and care for us the best they can. Let’s show the seniors we remember them on 21st and 22nd January, let’s visit them in old folks’ home, or maybe you can visit the grandparents of your Polish friends. For them, a smile and the fact that you remembered to be there for them means much more than any gift in the world.



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