There is a place in Poznań where while ordering tea we can travel to a completely different world. And no, I'm not talking about illegal substances here, but about simple tea that you can order in „Kwietna" café.

At 27 grudnia street, vis-a-vis the Polish theater there is a tea house, where you can taste tea from the furthest places in the world. Just from the entrance, the view of various of flowers and bouquets, prepared personally by the owner welcomes us. The flowers do not only overspread marvelous scent, but also form pleasure for the eye of every visitor. Yet, that’s not all what the place is hiding. A few steps further we walk into the kingdom of teas. We can choose from a vide range of tea kinds, starting with white and orange, through red and blue, ending with black ones. The teas come from all over the world, for instance from China, Japan or Sri Lanka.

Choosing the right tea for yourself might be a tough task, especially when you are an indecisive person, but do not worry, hence in ‘Kwietna’ you shall not struggle too hard. 😊 Well, here educated tea ladies are ready to help you. Those people will get you through the process of deciding, by telling you in details about each type of tea and asking about personal preferences. After choosing, we can calmly sit and wait for our tea, prepared with exceptional care about every detail and infused according to a specific procedure.

It is the perfect place to spend long, cold winter evenings, where you can wind off and take a rest from big-city fuss. Here we can enjoy night out in a good company as well as visit the place on our  own and dive into the place’s coziness. Its one of a kind atmosphere, ‘Kwietna’ teahouse credits to its size and inviting décor. Dimmed lights, plants and colorful fabrics compose undeniable charm.

Hence if you have not had a chance to get to know this place, I dearly encourage you to do so. Come and see for yourself how is it to worm your way to another universe, without moving from the place! 😊




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