"Going to Poznan was the best mistake I've ever made. I remember throwback when I was applying to go to Erasmus, my friends and me were thinking about Poland exactly Warsaw. But the night before the deadline to choose the order of the cities I was the only one who forgot to change the order and I had Poznań in first place. So, basically, it was the best decision I've ever made.

I didn't have any idea about the city or the experience of other Erasmus there. I was going by myself and a little bit scared. Moreover, I didn't knew the big experience I was about to enjoy there. I've had bad expectations about the country about some racial issues while being Moroccan, but I was completely wrong. I met people from so many nationalities: Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Bulgarian, Dutch, Turkis, etc. It changed my mind the experience here, there were so many things to do in Poznań. From going to Rusalka lake to go shopping in Posnania, go to jump arena, the zoo, thermal pools. I've never got bored from the city. Furthermore, the ESN is always doing events, trips, parties and more activities. My favourite activities were the welcome week and sport events. I recommend Poznan for Erasmus because it's such a cozy city. "