„It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – as Dean Martin used to sing about Christmas. We all know that he was absolutely right - who doesn’t like that time of the year, when all the streets are trimmed with Christmas lights, the smell of gingerbread is all over the house and soon there will be gifts waiting for us underneath the Christmas tree? Christmas time - beloved days are coming!

Everyone is slowly beginning to feel that Christmas mood, and in Poznań we can especially feel it at the Christmas Fair on Plac Wolności. There’s no other place in Poznań, that gives you more magical atmosphere. You can find there a lot of attractions for everyone - there’s Ferris wheel, from which you can see the entire fair, there are carousels for children and additionally there are lots of stands, where everybody can find something for themselves. If you still don’t have an idea for a gift, you can try to look for an inspiration, buy pretty Christmas decorations or other gifts like long wool socks, hats, gloves and many more. And if someone gets hungry on the way, almost on every stand there’s something to eat you can buy. We can try regional cuisine, many types of oscypek cheese with cranberry and of course gingerbread. Also, sweet fruits in chocolate - little drops of heaven! Don’t be afraid of low temperature - there is warming mulled wine, which helps us to survive freezing weather and we can feel the smell of cloves from far away. Tastiness never ends, but that is nothing compared to the nice atmosphere which surrounds this place. Leaving the square, you are full of pleasant, Christmas feelings.

As you walk through Plac Wolności, you can feel just like a little child fumbling under the Christmas tree and looking for gifts - no wonder that there’s always plenty of people there and everyone is going from one stand to another with smile on their face. That’s just a little Poznań’s Betlehem, where everyone is counting the days to that magical time which is Christmas.

So have yourself a merry little Christmas and wake your Christmas spirit with us!