The two weeks between November 19th and  December 2nd were exceptional for ESN, because during that time all sections in Europe concentrated on promoting two important projects – SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility. Social Inclusion Days is the name of that amazing event which focuses on helping other people, minimalizing social inequalities, and meeting halfway those who need our support.

Our section organized five different events, which were supposed to enable Erasmus students to do something kind and unique. Do you want to find out how Social Inclusion Days looked in ESN UAM Poznań? Here’s a short coverage from our events!

Erasmus in Kindergarten

We started off SID with an extremely enjoyable event – a visit in a kindergarten “Mali Europejczycy”[1]. With students from Greece, Germany and Croatia, we visited two groups of children with whom we spent a joyful morning. We were playing, singing, dancing, and painting European flags on leaves, which were lately used to decorate classes in the kindergarten. Erasmus in Kindergarten is an amazing opportunity to revisit childhood memories and recall favorite games, which is an exciting experience both for the kids and for us.

Helping the Homeless

We spent two consecutive Wednesday mornings very productively as we went out to help people in need. Along with our international students, we had the opportunity to cook a dinner for the homeless. We visited Caritas[2] Poznań to cook the meal which we later gave out. Watching smiles on the faces of those we helped and seeing how grateful they are for all the work we do was an exceptionally uplifting experience. The event enjoyed wide interest from Erasmus students and we promise to organize it many more times!

Erasmus in Schools

First week of Social Inclusion Days was full of surprises. On Thursday we visited Primary School no. 75 as part of our project called Erasmus in Schools. Along with an Erasmus student from Turkey, we prepared a class associated with the week of entrepreneurship which was taking place at the school during that time. Our guest familiarized us with his country’s culture, focusing especially on education and work in Turkey. Thanks to a lesson like that, the kids could learn some fun facts about Turkey and overcome the language barrier. As always, the students were happy to practice their language skills.

English lesson for visually impaired

On November 26th we organized an unusual event – an English lesson for visually impaired people. The lesson was attended by an Erasmus student from Germany. We prepared some games, tasks and exercises to spend time productively by learning something new, and to show that impossible is nothing. It’s certainly not a last time we will organize such a touching and motivating lesson!

Do you want to actively spend time during your Erasmus adventure? Do you want to do something more by meeting the needs of the local community in Poznań? Follow events organized by our section to Leave Your Mark and therefore promote the main goal of SocialErasmus!


[1] in English: „Little Europeans”

[2] Catholic charity which helps people in need