"Just after one year volunteer service in Burkina Faso, I decided to purchase a MD degree and came to Poland  for studying medicine. With the experiences of traveling around the world, I think there’s no challenge at all for myself to stay here, in Poznań, such a beautiful, lovely city ( nothing can kill me in underdeveloped regions, no need to say staying in such a safe, resourceful area, right?). I was absolutely wrong when the first winter came to me unfortunately.

One day, suddenly the sun was totally covered by heavy clouds. Strong wind blowed crazily and the temperature dropped dramatically. Voila! The winter is coming... “ don’t worry, we are cool! The heater works and we are gonna be ok!” My friends encouraged me and brought me the bright side. It... doesn’t... work... at all!! I’ve studied in Ireland, France, Hungary and Switzerland but none of them are as cold as here. How am I gonna survive in this cold days?! OMG...

FOODs!! of course. I have to say Polish are god blessed people because they have a lot of amazing foods! And that’s exactly the reason I can overcome the cold winter. Pierogi (polish dumplings), kiełbasa (polish sausage) and zapiekanka (polish pizza) are good choices either as meal or snack. If you want some sweets, don’t worry, there are pączki (polish doughnuts), makowiec (polish poppyseed cake) and krówki (polish caramel). Those delicious foods can truly light up your day and cheer you up, especially in cold, gloomy days. But don’t eat too much... that’s how I gain 5 kg during the winter...

I visited the Croissant Museum and learnt how to make a traditional polish croissant - rogal Świętomarciński, crunchy pastry, nuts filling, sugar coating and decorated with poppy seeds, yummmmmmm. I encourage everyone to visit, not only make some croissants, taste some sweets but know the history of Poznań, this lovely town, where we have good time together. Now, I haven’t got my doctor license yet, but I’ve got a certificate for making real traditional polish croissants.

Erasmus and ESN life are quite busy though. We have to study, receive trainings, making friends and experience different cultures ( of course we have to do parties ). BUT!! Don’t forget, slow down your pace, enjoy this city, maybe stop by a café, have a cup of latte and some delicious croissants, enjoy your inner peace or have a small talk with your friends ( or give me a phone call ). We Chinese people believe in “Karma”. That is, we are so lucky that some force brings us here together. Now, we just create a start, and after Erasmus, we will still keep in touch and meet up somewhere.

Earn it!! Cherish it!!"

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