The world scurries to the Internet. And so does art. One may say that we have the whole universe of online art gallerieswithin our reach. So much is out there that it’s difficult to find yourself among those resources. We are constantly looking for works worth our attention by clicking on different profiles. Meeting the needs of the world in constant motion, art is still patiently waiting just behind the corner. And if anyone still thinks of the modern art as somewhat stuck because of the lack of new perspectives, they should find some time next Saturday to confront their opinion with a group of young artists from Galeria PIEC[1]at Mostowa Street.

That is where the works of students from the artistic collective MZS, concentrated around the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, are put on display. Their actions are accompanied by madness, wildness, freely flowing energy, and freshness. That’s where they guide through art and to art, but they talk about it as if they were speaking with a friend. An artist is an equal to an observer, and you could even say that it is the latter who has much more to offer – interactions, their opinion stated out loud, delight or a grimace of disgust. Everything in the presence of one of eighteen creators of the ART RUNNER exhibition, which is taking place on December 1.

It will be the day when you can come by and see with your own eyes how the young artistic yard of Poznań looks like. Anna Kossyk, a student of the first year of BA in Scenography, is part of it; she was the one to show me around the gallery, which was at the time still undergoing technical work.

- “On December 1, we, the student collectivity ‘Młodzi, Zdolni, Seksowni’[2], are organising the ART RUNNER exhibition. This initiative is our initiative, because we want to share our art, our thoughts and our creative energy with others,” Anna explained. “For me it’s immensely important to act and to raise the bar of my imagination. What counts for me the most in art is the process, that is why my works are predominantly a result of modifying the existing space, seeking completely different forms. It’s the observation which I want to point out, and abstract all possible forms of dialogues, accounts.”

One can see the dedication to meticulously manage every sliver of space from the very entrance to the gallery. In this place, a fight takes place only in the minds of artists who express their thoughts and emotions through various media. In this case, youth and freedom allow for a discovery of new possibilities to convey things both obvious and those yet undiscovered. All thanks to a different look at the world, the lack of restrictions in the form of habits, imposed patterns and imperatives.

This handful of young people have courage to do things in their own way – they themselves describe their spot in Galeria PIEC as a place with a soul, an inimitable character and the door wide open to everyone who happens to stroll along Mostowa Street.

You can become a part of the energy living in there. So escape the cold by retreating to Galeria PIEC, sit down and relax among the walls covered with uncovered emotions of all those young people. Give the art from behind the corner a chance.

Vernissage of the ART RUNNER exhibition: December 1, 2018 // 8 PM
Galeria PIEC, ul. Mostowa 33

[1] ‘Piec’ stands for ‘a furnace’ in Polish.
[2] ‘Young Talented Sexy’.