1. Why ESN?

Why did I join the section? Everything began when I went to Hungary. While being in Budapest, I got to know several local ESN sections whose members organised interesting events. I came back to Poznan in 2015; however, I didn’t want to join ESN UAM Poznań straightaway. Actually, I made an application for becoming a mentor, but I didn’t meet the deadline of the registration and the HR coordinator wrote to me then, convincing me to sign up for ESN. And so I did. I went for an interview… and I got in.

2. What made you stay with us for so long?

I joined in 2015, later on I started my second master’s degree, so I could be active longer in ESN. I was the Event coordinator in 2016, up until I left for the Erasmus in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, after Erasmus, I also joined ESN and I’m still a member of ESN Sofia.

3. What does ESN give you?

Most of all, it gives me joy to do my job. It is voluntary: you can do something for others while meeting a lot of new people. In the section itself, there are plenty of very intelligent people that you can always count on. Being surrounded by those who will gladly help you and are very creative is a pure pleasure. And it is obviously a great chance for professional development – I for instance learnt how to organise events, how not to be anxious about making calls.

4. How do you remember your beginnings in the ESN?

It was mainly Karpicko. (laughter) Besides that, I remember that from the very beginning I was very active in ESN; e.g. I took part in the trade fair, promoting our section. I really tried to gain an insight into the works of ESN and thanks to that soon after I went to Upgrade and to National Platform in Szczecin. My beginnings were quite intensive and they lasted until I left for Erasmus in Bulgaria.

5. Why is it worth it to be in the ESN?

It gives you a lot of opportunities and it’s awesome to meet people. In general, doing something for Erasmo is great, because everyone knows they’re there, but there is no better way of getting to know them than to be in ESN. Thanks to your commitment and active participation you can earn their gratitude.

6. Which three words best describe ESN?

First of all, it’s cooperation, because you won’t do much here on your own as an individual. You need to count on others, gain their trust and trust them yourself. The second word is courage to break down your barriers and strive to achieve the most. The third word won’t be one but three: willingness to grow, because you have to want to organise those events, to learn something, to get the most out of the organisation and to give the most of yourself.

7. Has ESN helped you in your job/professional life?

Yes. Often during job interviews I’m being asked about ESN, e.g. “Oh, you were a coordinator, we can see that in your resume, and what were you doing there?” Then I describe how I organised events, handled the logistics. That, and the fact that I’ve been in ESN in Bulgaria… Being a member of ESN really gives you a lot. Probably because of the fact that it’s a student organization, and employers might know that student organizations aim to upskill their members.

8. The most interesting memory related to ESN UAM Poznań?

There’s a lot of it. Going to NP, to Upgrades, Karpicko, other events… One of the cooler events that I got a chance to organise was a cruise on the Warta river in Poznań. Erasmo liked it a lot. Besides, always, during every term, I’ve come across people, Erasmo or other ESN members, with whom I spent the best time and I could accomplish the most.