There is a little place on Mielżyński street which is impossible to miss. I’d even risk saying that whoever was there at least once, will come back again sooner or later.
What is the best way to deal with fall blues? Some tea and a cat… or even cats! On the map of Poznań we can find new unique place, where cats’ purring resounds from everywhere. That’s “Kocimiętka” – catty café.
hey are the keepers of our secrets, often allies in arguments with our parents, they spoil us with delicious home-made food and sweets – our grandparents. They are also the ones who help parents bring us up, very often being our first „babysitters”.
There is a place in Poznań where while ordering tea we can travel to a completely different world. And no, I'm not talking about illegal substances here, but about simple tea that you can order in „Kwietnia" café.