Seven incredible days, full of adventures and great fun, are over! However, that is not the end but the very beginning of the Poznań adventure, at least for 90 foreign students who started their Erasmus+ exchange in Poznań last week.

In keeping with tradition, ESN UAM Poznań welcomes incoming students from different countries as best as they can. That is why, following the previous years, between February 22nd-28th, we organized another edition of the legendary „Orientation Week” as part of which we wanted international students to make friends with Polish students and to explore the city of Poznań. Our integration marathon began on Monday, February 22th, in Collegium Minus on Wieniawskiego street, where the welcoming inauguration of the summer semester for Erasmus+ students took place.

From Tuesday till Saturday we were familiarizing our new students with the city and its symbols. We started from the history of Poznań and Wielkopolska region to which the Erasmus students were introduced during the visit in Porta Posnania ICHOT and during a guided tour around the city. It is known for ages that Poznań is famous for its beer. Students, on the other hand, are known for not being averse to beer. Therefore, it would have been a mistake not to take foreign guests on a trip to a local brewery of Lech beer. That was on Wednesday, and on Thursday? On that day we organized a visit to a museum of a local delicacy, namely the Saint Martin croissants, a symbol of the capital of Wielkopolska region. And on Saturday we took care of providing the Erasmus students with good time, a bit of rivalry and a dose of adrenaline during the Laser Tag game.

Orientation Week is also a great chance of international integration. Being aware of that, we prepared a series of events which enjoyed great popularity. There was a traditional “Flag Party”, pool competitions, an epic Pub Crawl event, a karaoke night, and finally a Buddy Day: Eurodinner, where everyone had an opportunity to not only meet new people but also to taste a variety of dishes from different corners of Europe.

Orientation Week is over but there are a couple of months of having great fun, making new friends and experiencing awesome adventures ahead of us. We hope that our guests will spend this time in Poznań at least as enjoyably as during the last seven days. We will certainly help them with it!