On 3 June 2016 General Meeting of Members of ESN UAM Poznań section elected a new Board and a new Board of Audit.

The composition of the new Board:
President - Kaja Janiszewska
Vice-President - Izabela Grembowska
Treasurer - Adrianna Gołdyn
Human Resources Manager - Angelika Grzeszkiewicz
Public Relations Manager - Martyna Najmanowicz

The composition of the new Board of Audit

Daria Dudziak, Aleksandra Florkowska, Karol Wiśniewski


The Board and the Board of Audit will begin their term of office on 1 July 2016.

We would like to thank the present Board and the present Board of Audit for productive work over the passing year.

We also wish the new Board and the new Board of Audit the best of luck and perseverance in pursuing objectives.