Monday, 3rd October. Heavy rain, wind and frost certainly are not the ideal conditions to begin an unforgettable adventure. In spite of not the best weather, during an official inauguration of the academic year in the Collegium Minus auditorium of Adam Mickiewicz University, we welcomed 295 students who came to Poznań from different parts of Europe. Our guests were welcomed by the representatives of the Poznań City Hall, of the University and, obviously, of the ESN UAM Poznań. There were also traditional Welcome Packs with Erasmus gifts inside. We would like to, on behalf of the entire ESN UAM Poznań section, wish all the guests a wonderful stay in our city! A crowd of students that filled the Colloquium Pub at night during the welcome Flag Party is probably the best proof of how interesting this year is going to be!

Tuesday, 4th October. Poznań is not only universities. Poznań also means fascinating history, a historic town hall, charming streets of the Old Town and many other attractions. It would be a mistake not to show our foreign guests the most interesting places of the main city of the Wielkopolska region. As we try to avoid making mistakes, we organized a city tour around Poznań for all the interested. We did not limit ourselves to monuments only. In the evening, the time came for the tour of... pubs. The famous “Pub Crawl” was supposed to help the foreigners get to know the places where they could chill out after hard studying.

Wednesday, 5th October. If Poznań, then Lech, and if Lech, then, among other things, beer! After the pub tour, we held a visit to a local brewery. As usual, we invited foreign students to a place where... the source of their later adventures comes into being. With the help of the guide, we learnt about the process of producing beer, took part in a thematic quiz and, obviously, tasted different varieties of the hop-flavored gold. And at night? As every day, to end the day, we had a party, this time in the SQ club.

Thursday, 6th October. If you want to get to know the city, the best is to start from the beginning. It somehow happens that the best way to learn about the beginnings of the regional capital of Wielkopolska is from a museum. That is why we visited the Porta Posnania, one of the most modern complexes of this kind in Poland. During almost a one-hour tour, foreign students had an opportunity to get to know the city’s history in one of the five available languages. At night, in turn, we had fun in Blue Note. There is no better ending of the day than a concert in the vaults of the Imperial Castle in Poznań.

Friday, 7th October. The Lech beer is not the only symbol of Poznań, a football club of the same name is too. As part of the Orientation Week we visited the Inea Stadium. Football matches, conferences, concerts and other artistic events – everything makes the local sports arena vibrant with life. For our guests, a visit in this place is always a huge attraction. The same, actually, like a Tram Party, that is an unforgettable journey by a party tram with music, which finished with a party in the Czekolada club, and which, of course, could not have been skipped.

Sunday, 9th October. As usual the Orientation Week finished with dinner. But not with a usual dinner. Eurodinner has long been one of the most entertaining integration parties. Students from different parts of Europe always prepare typical meals of the places they come from. Usually they do this with their Mentors - polish students helping them to get acclimatized to the new reality. The same was obviously this time as well. At the end ESN UAM Poznań decided to award the most active ESN members during the Orientation Week. Angelika Kubiak and Marlena Rusin spent a lot of time helping us with preparing all the attractions. The gift for them were founded by CJO Kontakt and Pyrabar! Thank you!

Below you can find some pictures from Orientation Week. For more, visit our fanpage on Facebook.